Bloc Party to Perform ‘Silent Alarm’ in Full

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    Bloc Party will be performing Silent Alarm in full at a few select dates.

    9/16/19 Washington, DC @ Anthem
    9/17/19 Philadelphia, PA @ Franklin Music Hall
    9/19/19 Boston, MA @ House of Blues
    9/20/19 New York, NY @ Central Park Summerstage
    11/19/19 Los Angeles, CA @ Palladium
    11/20/19 San Francisco, CA @ Masonic

  2. defmytones


    I adore this album. Insanely bummed it’s no where by me.
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  3. Oskarr

    this is the way

  4. AFoolsGlory


    Also worth saying they're doing this at at least a few UK shows as well. Not isolated to the US by any means.
  5. Carrow

    Japanese Bonus Track

    That's a conspicuous two-month gap between shows on the east and west coast wouldn't you say? :eyes::eyes:
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  6. chewbacca110

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    Hoping for a Riot Fest stop in there.
  7. Brent

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    In for Boston so hard... also, had no idea they had a female in the band these days.
  8. Carrow

    Japanese Bonus Track

    Louise has been with them since 2015 but, bar one-off single Stunt Queen in 2017, she hasn't performed on an album yet. Hoping that changes soon!
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  9. Merve

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    It's gonna be weird hearing these songs without Gordon Moakes' backing vocals.
  10. drummerAVA


    "It's so COLD... in this... house!"

    So much nostalgia...
  11. Analog Drummer


    Happened in Australia in November already too
  12. SincerelyEmma

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    So happy to see Boston on here.
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  13. Max_123

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  14. thesollopsist

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    Nooo I can't go. Gonna be on holiday on the date I would've gone
  15. Brent

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    Anyone have a pre sale code?
  16. Brent

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    Pre sale code is Sil3nt
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  17. SincerelyEmma

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    Thank you for this! :folded:
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  18. KyleK

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    I listened to this a lot back in the day, but only recently became aware of the remix album. It holds up well too after all this time.
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