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    the time has come. WHAT DO I USE MY BOOST ON???
  2. Oh man uhhhh. I used mine for a horde toon (gonna level up ally first and Rush to 120 since I’ve leveled two toons up on beta already)

    Druid maybe? Got all the specs at your disposal.

    I’m gonna main fury warrior to start and will probably stick with it.
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    i went with shaman but im obviously maining my rogue as always
  4. I almost rolled rogue strictly for war mode and being a massive pain in the fucking ass lmao
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    ive mained rogue since vanilla haha easily my favorite class
  6. tucah

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    this expansion is going to mark my return to wow after six or so years away

    i'm very excited
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    initial bfa thoughts (im level 115 and starting zulduzar, finished nazmir and voldun's main quests)

    -the zones are stunning environment wise, god damn they're super well crafted and feel more natural than legion zones which just felt like a lot of unrelated subzones smashed together at times. also really natural to navigate

    -quest flow is as expected, legion formula but a little better, there's more side quests it seems that i need to go round up and do in the zones ive finished the main stories for.

    -war campaign stuff is kind of boring so far, yawn at mission table

    -the underot is the only dungeon ive done but it was supppper dope

    -the stories in the zones have been mostly engaging, kind of drifted out during voldun a little bit but i caught the gist. weird how leveling in the last however many expansions is mostly side stories and you dont start engaging with the main story til end game expansion like wrath had you dealing with the lich king from day one, as well as incorporating side stories in the quest experience.

    im excited to start zulduzar as i saved it for last for a reason, it looks fucking immaculate and i wanted to save the best for last as ive heard its the best of the three horde zones
  8. I've spent so much money on Hearthstone over the last few months, often impulsively whenever I'm feeling like shit. It's pretty embarassing how many cards I have now...

    After trimming my collection, dusting a lot of unnecessary cards, I still ended up with 1080 total from classic and expansions. Yeah, that's how crazy I've been lately. I even counted all of them by set and rarity

    I crafted a Baku the Mooneater and made an odd-cost deck for each class, pairing it with a Spellstone when applicable.

    Hearthstone Screenshot 08-19-18 10.23.52.png

    I've only tested out a handful of them so far. I was hesitant at first with cutting off access to effectively half my cards, but they seem to work well after a LOT of tweaks. I guess I'll just use the remaining 9 deck slots for more standard decks. I love that they increased it, but I never actually filled all of them.

    Probably going to stop using gold on packs until the next expansion haha...

    I'm just gonna think of my irresponsible spending as my way of coping through a rough patch in my life. Blizzard take all my money I guess
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  11. xkhiemster Aug 28, 2018
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    Hearthstone Screenshot 08-28-18 05.39.45.png Hearthstone Screenshot 08-28-18 05.41.11.png Hearthstone Screenshot 08-28-18 05.42.31.png
    This is so stupid I can't stop laughing.
    Turn 9: Augmented Flekk x2 + Lab Recruiter = 9 Stonehill Defender shuffled into deck
    Turn 10: Augmented Flekk + Fal'Dorei Srider x2 = 12 Ambushes shuffled into deck
    Turn 11: Youthful Brewmaster on Fal'Dorei Strider, Augmented Flekk + Fal'Dorei Strider = 6 Ambushes shuffled into deck
    41 cards in deck.
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    i decided to renew my account since quitting in burning crusade/wrath. the professions are a little confusing to me.. should i just keep power leveling to 120 or should i just wait i'm 120 to start leveling my professions?

    also do i really have to rep grind to fly in draenor?? :(
  13. Something like leatherworking/tailoring/blacksmithing can be beneficial while leveling due to the gear you can craft. Gathering professions like herbalism are realllllly good right now from a gold making standpoint.
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    Outside of the current expansion professions are pretty useless. And the profession leveling system is divided by expansion now so you don’t have to worry about it til you start leveling in bfa. but when leveling through old content it can be a nice distraction and side thing to do to break up the monotony of leveling
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    I’m currently not very happy with bfa endgame content so I’m leveling some alts but can’t settle on one to level so I’m hopping around all the time lol. I’ve got a horde side warlock I’ve been focusing on (43 now after a few days I think) even though I have a 110 ally lock.
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    my main is currently a 99 tauren survival hunter (wow what a fucking change since BC lol) and his profession was mining and goblin engineering which i think i'm okay with right now. i might change later depending if i want to do end game... just wasn't sure if each expansion profession was intertwined with each other.
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    BFA is a total bust. Azerite armor is the worst system ever implemented in this game and that’s saying a lot. There is nothing fun about gearing your character right now. Which....gearing up is supposed to be one of the most fun things in the fucking game. It’s ruined with this dumb ass system
  18. Yeah it’s pretty bad. Unless there’s a massive update in the next two weeks I’m just gonna let my sub run out.

    I’ve played a little bit everyday since the launch, cleared the raid on normal/heroic/first four bosses on mythic and have only gotten 1 piece of azerite gear that was 370+ lol

    The RNG in this expansion is fucking outrageous.
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  19. This is the worst fan backlash I’ve seen since Warlords
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    I was literally about to tweet...say what you will about warlords but at least it had a normal gearing process
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  22. TIL Jake is a WoW nerd!! Love it.
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    going strong since 2006!
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    letting my sub run up this month. bought elder scrolls online for pc (dont like playing mmo's on consoles, ive played it up to level 20ish on console and enjoyed it enough to buy it again for 10 bucks, including morrowind). i have some gold stocked up to buy a game token if i want to try out 8.1 when it drops but i cant justify shelling out 15 bucks a month just to level my hundredth alts.
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