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    Cool new interview. Two more new songs due before the tour starts, apparently.

    Always liked this interviewer.
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  3. aliens exist

    sometimes my arms bend back

    matt looks bored
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    do you think he was listening to the new album

    sorry trying to remove it
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    So two more songs within the next two weeks?! Cool!

    EDIT: Fuck, this interview is WAY better than whatever that shit was on KROQ yesterday. A lot of cool stuff in this one.
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    Matt. Is. So. Fucking. Out.
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    I wish you'd love me for life

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    excited for the new jams, hoping they bring a fresh sound to the band!
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  9. (Single is still climbing the charts.)
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    Interesting....In the interview they say the first 7 songs they wrote were dark and aggressive then decided they didn't want the album to sound like that and went more 'experimental' after those songs.

    My interest to hear this keeps growing.
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  11. ChampsMusic

    New music soon. That’s good news.

    “This is the first time our blink songs are sounding like the songs I listen to or the more popular songs today”

    Paraphrased that because I can’t remember word for word.

    Interesting take. I’m super appreciative that he remains blink loyal through all of his collabs considering “pop punk” isn’t his favorite genre.
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    Just got an e-mail from SRC that said +44 is now shipping.
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    I ordered via Amazon...which still says July 26.

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    Cancel your Amazon one and re-order through SRC (words no one has ever said)
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    Knowing SRC...I'll still get the Amazon one quicker.
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    I just won tickets to the Mansfield MA date! WOOHOO
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    Hell yeah! How'd you get them?
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    A radio station was having a contest this week.
    Also qualified to win a trip to the private show in LA, apparently. Yikes!
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    Nice! I'll also be there. I was able to score some tickets through a connection I have with a station and I think I'll be in one of the boxes? I'm just pumped to see EOTS. Cannot believe that is happening!
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  22. cricketandclover

    Things have changed.

    There's another interview here where Travis murmurs "BOJMIR"

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    Nice! Always wanted to sit VIP like that, haha
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    ha. rimjobs and naked dudes. so epic.
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    The musician added that the part “was actually an idea I had for the Blink album.”

    Further details on Lil Nas X’s debut EP are not yet known.

    Last month, Blink-182 returned with the single ‘Blame It On My Youth‘. Ahead of its release, studio footage emerged of Travis Barker recording drums for the group’s upcoming new LP.

    Back in March, he revealed that “literally anything goes” in regards to the direction of their new record. “I think we’re creating one of the most important Blink albums, so I’m really proud of it,” Barker explained.

    Blink-182's Travis Barker and Lil Nas X have written a new song together - NME

    Good read here too on the 20th anniversary of enema:

    'Enema Of The State' Will Never Actually Turn 20
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