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  1. I wish. Then self Titled would have only been out for a couple months and we’d be experiencing that awesome album with fresh ears
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  2. DesolateEarth


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  4. bradsonemanband

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    Boring is fine
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  5. Preserved Moose

    Gritty pre-Computer Days

    I love Boring. The intro riff is cool. I like the rhythm of the guitars in the verses and how it stops in the middle. Even if you don't like it then it's only a 90 second song anyway!
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  6. TheJMan


    Dude, come on Boring? Really? The guitar riffs are pretty cool but the lyrics? No.
  7. TheJMan


    Hot take:

    Boring on Dude Ranch = Little Help on Is This Thing Cursed?

    Both should be hidden towards the end of the album if they even have to be there at all. Sticking them at the beginning is a miss.
  8. slimfenix182

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    Eh Boring is quite a bit better than Voyeur or Degenerate to me
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  9. Every blink song has something to enjoy
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  10. TheJMan


    I agree, best part of Fighting The Gravity is at the 3:42 mark.
  11. Nah. I like marks vocals in it at least
  12. “Olroit”
  13. slimfenix182

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    This is at least a different fight than the 7 usual ones in the rotation lol
  14. @TheJMan and I made a realization the other day

    A lot of these debates have been cycled for at least two years now lol
  15. DesolateEarth


    Feldmann is the worst.
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  16. TheJMan


    Yeah I'm an old man I have no clue what that means haha.
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  17. TheJMan


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  18. You’d mentioned the lyrics and besides the word “boring,” I equate this song with tom’s Ridiculous produnciation of the word “alright.” This is me spelling it phonetically.
  19. Aaaah Toms funny pronunciations. Second only to his weird back up vocal yelling of certain lyrics that sound like he’s gargling water while yelling
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  20. May or may not have done the yelling of backup vocals thing in my reddit cover...
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  21. slimfenix182

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  22. TheJMan


    Gotcha that one went right over my yead.
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  23. inwaves

    Is This Thing Cursed?

    Fighting the Gravity is one of my favorite songs from Neighborhoods. Also, I revisited Cheshire Cat for the first time in years the other day and enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. I even kinda enjoyed Strings. Still easily my least favorite album of theirs though.
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  24. Nathan

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    I’ll ride the “Fighting the Gravity is one of blink’s most inspired creative moments post-reunion” train until the end of time.
  25. Dirty Sanchez

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    Honestly I hated that song in 2011, but it’s pretty good.
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