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  1. Nathan

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    Whoops I thought that said five albums
  2. Bad Frequencies

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    Blink-182: Self Titled
    Alkaline Trio: Is This Thing Cursed?
    Conditions: Full Of War
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  3. Nathan

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    Hm you know what I’m changing my answer

    Kanye West, Yeezus
    Bruce Springsteen, Nebraska
    Nirvana, In Utero
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  4. irthesteve

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    (insert my 3 favorite albums ever)
  5. Nathan

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    I picked these because they’re all conscious departures by the artists from the very polished and commercially successful albums that preceded them
  6. ComedownMachine

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    Hell yeah

    Either that or if they aren’t going to change

    Weezer- The White Album
    Death Cab For Cutie- Thank You For Today
    Jimmy Eat World- Integrity Blues

    Bands that have been around roughly as long as blink have making quality, fresh, well written albums that are still mature.
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  7. broken22


    I hope Mark got a lot of inspiration from " I Can't Believe " because that song is a top tier Trio song and probably one of the best songs Matt has ever written.
  8. slimfenix182

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    Serious answer though

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  9. broken22


    Blink 182:Self Titled
    Alkaline Trio:Good Mourning
    Saves The Day:Stay What You Are
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  10. Mrk_Brdshw

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    You know a band is in a strange place when you think “You know who could write an album like Untitled? The only guy in the band who wasn’t involved in the writing of Untitled.”
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  11. LessThanTrevor

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    I'd give them three copies of Futures by Jimmy Eat World.
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  12. SanityIsAFullTimeJob


    Wyhsb, Crimson and Babylon
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  13. Stra1ghtArrow


    A mix of When your heart stops beating, Good Mourning, futures, Box Car Racer (controv) - Would be incredible.

    Few personal points:

    I think they really need to utilize their skills properly this time round.
    1. Use Skibas darker song writing and song construction. Listening to All on Black a lot recently - It's an amazingly put together song and some fantastic lyrics.
    2. As a poster said earlier, the drumming in Box Car Racer is incredible, a lot of those songs a carried by the drumming, they need to utilize Travis as much as possible.
    3. Mark's singing on when your heart stops beating is great and shows he can go down the darker router, this is where they need to solidify a bond between him and Matt.
    4. Reason I whacked Futures in here is because the production is spot on. Its not over the top but its not too stripped down, which would be perfect, I felt California was way over produced, its sometimes a cringe to listen.
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  14. Preserved Moose


    SP - Siamese Dream (I want heavy, layered guitars)
    JEW - Clarity (I want pretty production and heartfelt emotional content)
    Diplomats- Diplomatic Immunity (I want them to rap about guns and selling drugs)
  15. OhTheWater

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    I don't think they have it in them to release something that I enjoy.
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  16. AlwaysEvolving21

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    New and inspired Blink would be nice.

    As much as I would love another throwback sound or a sound influenced from older/loved albums, it’s time for them to take a step forward to see what they got. They have a new member and a half (Skiba/Feldy) and I’m sure they’ve experienced a lot of life since CA era. I would like to see that growth on the next album.
  17. Bad Frequencies

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    I’m confident that’s what we’re getting next album.
  18. Mrk_Brdshw

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    It seems like people want something new but don't exactly know what that is. I personally would like to see them try something like they did with Untitled. Not sound like that record or try to recapture what they did there, just revisit why it was so successful.

    Still have some songs with the energy and catchiness of California that are reminiscent of classic blink, but don't box themselves in to the same two-verse, three-chorus structure in every song. Also take some time to capture some different textures and feelings (a la When Your Heart Stops Beating). And of course we've hammered this topic to death, but just don't be so repetitive and predictable like with California. Vocals crammed into every second of the song, the same guitar riffs, same chord progressions, etc.
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  19. David Parke

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    I want to feel about a blink record the way I feel about “a brief inquiry into online relationships” please
  20. Bad Frequencies

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    Not me. I thought that album was just OK. I want to LOVE the next album
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  21. Joe4th

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    I don't see blink approaching anywhere near that level of quality
  22. David Parke

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    We’re in a fight now.
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  23. AlwaysEvolving21

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    I don’t like The 1975. I will never understand them and my face cringed when I tried listening to the new album. I hope Blink does nothing like that because I want to like the new album.
  24. quietwords

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    Note to self- never return to this thread.
  25. Bad Frequencies

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    Hey it’s ok to have different opinions man :-) what’s good and bad is different to everyone.
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