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Blink-182 Band • Page 1592

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by popdisaster00, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. bradsonemanband

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  2. Mcrx


    suuuper late to this, but Tom is God's masterpiece :P
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  3. Mcrx


    ohhh, i was just reading about all this not long back, but now that you ask, i am not sure i remember the outcome. i will look though, because yes, i took down notes. lol

    i hear "Tom, leave when I wanna" so, it doesn't exACTly make sense, but who knows!

    who's Talib?? also that'd be a suuuper interesting story for that's one of my fave AVA songs lol

    "the dead of last winter" like the +44 song?? lol Man, you guys!! I always got this sense that David was super cool! I'd love to meet him almost as much or maybe even more on some days as Tom :D I also wanna try his coffee. Just keep that monkey poop shit away from me lol

    I am sooo bummed since i heard BCR and TheUsed toured together. idek why, but i never imagined BCR would tour. and sadly, i didn't know of TheUsed until like 2003. At least i saw TheUsed tho shortly after. Self Titled-hell yea!
  4. Talib Kweli.
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  5. isaidreiss

    Uppin' the Punx

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  6. .K.

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    Recording Blink and writing Trio sounds good to me.
  7. In the meantime, these guys should do a throwback and re-release Sober as a single.

    We are gearing up for our baby girl to arrive and recently discovered Sparrow Sleeps' rendition of California. It is amazing and the actual album is aging well, too. Sober stuck out a lot to my wife as a lullaby haha.
  8. Dog Fish

    soups up

    alright, time to rank blink's studio albums in order of release:
    1) Cheshire
    2) Dude Ranch
    3) Enema
    4) Take off
    5) s/t
    6) The Neighbourhood
    7) Californication
    8) 9
  9. tomdelonge


    Exactly the same as mine
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  10. Definitely changes for me, but currently:

    TOYPAJ/Dude Ranch
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  11. Greg

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    This is a disaster of a list. This is nowhere near release order.
  12. :crylaugh:

    It's my disaster and I love it.
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  13. Richter915

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    I always forget that toypaj/dude ranch was a split
  14. manoverboard365


    Nine was really ahead of it's time, but damn did they regress with Buddha and Cheshire.
  15. thegreatbenbino

    Be excellent to each other!

    Release order is cool, but how about by number of tracks? Here's mine:

    1. Cheshire Cat/California/Nine
    2. Dude Ranch/Buddha
    3. Self-titled
    4. TOYPAJ
    5. Enema of the State
    6. Neighborhoods
    7. Flyswatter

    Fight me if you don't agree (you're probably counting bonus tracks)
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  16. 333 GANG


    Number of tracks is cool, but how about fewest number of tracks:

    1. Flyswatter
    2. Neighborhoods
    3. Enema of the State
    4. TOYPAJ
    5. Self-Titled
    6. Dude Ranch/Buddha
    7. Cheshire Cat/California/Nine
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  17. Blink-182 albums in order of Matt Skiba:

    1. We Don't Need to Whisper
  18. OhTheWater

    Let it run Supporter

    Cool of Matt to find time to record in between storming the Capitol with his nazi friends and planning the next domestic terrorist event!
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  19. Daniel182

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear

    What a bad post
  20. We Don't Need to Whisper that Matt Skiba is way too into Nazi shit
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  21. Daniel182

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear

    Yes, that is important to talk about. Just not sure how @OhTheWater's post on something that did not happen is helpful at all in that conversation.
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  22. ChampsMusic

    What’d it say? One of the many users I blocked on here.
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  23. OhTheWater

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    Fuck what did I do to offend ChampsMusic
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  24. OhTheWater

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    Well, when literal nazis are walking around the capitol I think it’s time to come down a lot harder on those people fetishizing nazi memorabilia...and hanging out with nazis and promoting nazi material and everything else he has done
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  25. Daniel182

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear

    There are probably better ways to do that than posting about something that never happened in a place where Matt will never see it.
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