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Blink-182 Band • Page 1582

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by popdisaster00, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. bradsonemanband

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    That’s exactly the moment I was like “fuck this guy”
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  2. manoverboard365


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  3. Mcrx


    Ummm, lol that comment about Mark and Tom's body builds-pretty sure that's inaccurate in that it would affect their singing. I've known some thin singers that have some powerful voices, and bigger singers with smaller voices. Pretty sure it's a skill thing. Now, a particular tone might be anatomical (like how your nose and mouth and lips are made), but I don't think it's really true about the power thing. Same with register. Just cuz someone is thin, doesn't mean they can't have a deep voice.

    Ok, sorry. Just bugged me! Lol I still need to finish all of those. Still very interesting!
    Also that remastered thing too. It's already on my to do list. Lol Just too many things atm.
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  4. bradsonemanband

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    I agree. It’s like that guy has never heard Hayley Williams.
  5. Richter915

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  6. Mcrx


    Dammit! I comPLETEly missed the Blink bracket! Is there a new one or going to be a new one?? I actually know the music now! lol (last December, I didn't. :( )
  7. bradsonemanband

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    A couple "new" bootlegs have emerged recently.

    Here's one from 1997

    Audio only

    And this bootleg is night one from the recordings they used for the Mark, Tom, and Travis Show Tour live album.

    Audio only
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  8. JRGComedy

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    Will someone who is a Blink-155 Patron either DM me or post Sam and Josiah's top 5s in here?
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  9. smowashere


  10. when i get to it I will. In the mean time, I made this:
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  11. JRGComedy

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    You are legendary!!!
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  12. cbronder1


    Picking up the Target exclusive Greatest Hits vinyl today!
  13. bedwettingcosmo

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    apologies if this was already posted, but this is gold

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  14. .K.

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    Remember when it seemed like they were going to release an EP? Is that still happening or has that just been delayed? Or did they start working on material for a new album? Honestly not sure.
  15. Onlyadirector

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    They're debating turning it into an album. early 2021 target at the moment!
  16. .K.

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    Thanks. Mark is awesome with questions. Good in that Twitter feed for compiling them because news from this band is ever changing.
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  17. I really appreciate how active Mark has been with fans. He’s either that bored or enjoys it or both haha.
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  18. tdlyon

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    Green Day is my favorite band but I'm now very mad at them for turning down Pop Disaster 2
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  19. So summer/fall of 2021?
  20. clockwise

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    Green Day made the right choice imo.
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  21. AlwaysEvolving21 Nov 15, 2020
    (Last edited: Nov 15, 2020)
    Wait...he was on ridiculousness?!

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  22. popdisaster00

    I'm usually deluded Moderator

    The tour with Weezer and FOB pretty much is a current day version of it, to be fair. But yeah it would have been cool if Blink was involved in that tour.
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  23. Kyle Max

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    And I thought the problem between them was Tom and Tre? Weird they wouldn’t want to proceed with that tour.
  24. popdisaster00

    I'm usually deluded Moderator

    I think they want to be seen as a clear headliner, not a co-headliner.
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  25. Mcrx


    Maybe that is what I wanted to say here (ask). Are any of the podcast folks on here? If you're willing, step forward please. Lol I dunno. I just enjoy the pods. Don't really know what to say or ask tho atm. Just might be a chance from bugging on Twitter. Lol

    Oh yea, and like I need to decide on my gift list what should I prioritize, IYO, folks??

    Cds-chesire cat, neighbors del, CA del, Buddha, AVA-love 1 2, Boxcar Racer

    Mugs from either HMNIM (don't have any merch there) or the GD Dookie mug? Lol

    Or apparel from either TheUsed, blink, HMNIM, or AVA? (I have one TheUsed tee, but nothing from these others)

    Oh, and/or the Poet Anderson books (Tom stuff)

    Anything else I'm missing?? I'll be back. Lol

    Edit: Ohhh, I forgot the Simple Creature EP-everything Opposite