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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by popdisaster00, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Darth Amory

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    Pin The Grenade has the strongest, catchiest chorus from Mark I have heard in a long time.

    And No Heart To Speak Of.... holy shit. Bangers.
  2. Serenity Now

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    I can’t believe that I’m into the transition between the outro of No Heart to Speak of and Ransom but here we are
  3. Ronald.

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    Found a stream on a Facebook search that you don’t have to download!

    The callbacks to older songs are a lot more subtle on this one. Pin The Grenade’s verses and drum part have a similar vibe to Kaleidoscope until the chorus explodes. Run away has a bit of the untitled interlude. I bet there’s a lot more peppered in there.

    It’s too bad they lead with BIOMY. That and IRWIHY would have been really cool surprises had they not been released before the album drop. I don’t think they’re good expressions of the whole body of work. They’re more cool meandering left turns that fit surprisingly well in the context of the whole album.

    This album is truly pulling the best from each member.
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  4. jesseisabigdeal


    why is it frustrating?
  5. Ronald.

    Buck Dancer

    First time chorus has some MH 4.11.2011 vibes as well. Radical to hear Neighborhoods impressions hidden in this record.
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  6. brendanmachow

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  7. Shaun

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    love the bass and Mark's background aaahs in the second verse of Pin the Grenade. can't wait to spend the next few days just picking up on little things like that that make me fall in love with the songs more
  8. Darth Amory

    Sith Lord.

  9. pbueddi

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    Bored To Death, Left Alone, and San Diego are some of my favorite Blink songs.
  10. 333 GANG

    There's a fever coming...

    Listening now. The First Time fucking rules!
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  11. bradsonemanband

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    I feel like Mark took to heart comments from fans telling him to make a new +44 album. I’m so happy they made this.
  12. j0nnymarrzbar


    Skiba does some cool stuff musically on this record that really surprised me. There are a few instances where you'd expect him/them to transition to another major chord in like a chorus, except he takes a left turn and plays a minor chord or some sort of dissonant chord and as a result makes that shit pop.
  13. jesseisabigdeal


    we need the lyrics
  14. j0nnymarrzbar


    GL to these dudes trying to play Black Rain live.
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  15. Greg

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    Just finished my first listen. It’s fine.

    Sadly, not a lot of the lyrics really grabbed my attention outside of a few random lines. Will need to listen more. But it’s good.
  16. SFguitar


    What did you search? Link?
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  17. 333 GANG

    There's a fever coming...

    Holy wow, Black Rain on good headphones is a fucking TRIP
  18. Donnie Ruth

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    Heaven is the most genuinely excited I’ve been about a new blink song in a long time.
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  19. manoverboard365


    I'm actually liking Happy Days a bit now in context.
  20. popdisaster00

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    The most impressive thing is that even the blink subreddit likes NINE
  21. teebs41

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    Happy days is great
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  22. Kross

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    Anyone know when the VIP entry has been for this tour? I know it varies, but thinking about work and what not, seeing if it makes sense.
  23. bradsonemanband

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  24. thedrudo

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    Yeah, it's soooo good. Honestly, this whole thing is pretty solid all around. I'm happy with it.
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  25. Mrk_Brdshw

    Dusted Groove

    Hard to explain, but I can’t find the start of the beat until the chorus starts. The count feels all off to start. This might be a personal problem, but it makes it sound like a jumbled mess when Mark sings lol I don’t have that problem with Matt’s verse because I already have a frame of reference where the count is.
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