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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by popdisaster00, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. AlwaysEvolving21

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    I’m hoping they do something similar to what they did with TOYPAJ and release different colored albums/cover art with different bonus songs on each one.
  2. brad4846


    Anyone know the size of that water bottle on the preorders?
  3. I want to say 12oz
  4. Kuri44


    Their Bundles for Nine have been so whack.
  5. Kuri44


    Also, does anyone know why they don’t release the same kind of quality clothes/accessories and/or Collabs with any of the band members Clothing companies?

    Seems like such missed opportunities
  6. macbethfan

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    Probably because of how the payments would be divided. Wouldn’t want any bickering over who gets what in terms of a split. The clothing companies issue is part of what heated things up before their first split. Seems they’ve had it figured out since the reunion.

    Come to think of it, I haven’t actually seen a FSAS shirt or anything related to that brand in a long time. I just checked their site and apparently there’s a “fresh drop” coming at noon. :shrug:
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  8. Noradrenaline


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  10. bradsonemanband

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    If it exists and it's not on that site already, then @TheJMan would be the next best person to ask.
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  11. SanityIsAFullTimeJob


    Revisited the new songs today.

    Darkside, BIOMY and then over to GD will be a really cool part of the record. Such different songs but they still blend together nicely. NINE is gonna be diverse and im all for it.
  12. popdisaster00

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    Mark is on instagram live right now and just said they're shooting a video for Darkside today
  13. Daniel182

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear

    I just got tickets to a Travis Barker DJ set in Chicago after Riot Fest. Pretty excited!
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  14. Kuri44


    Mark confirmed via Instagram Live that filming on Darkside music video begins today
  15. yocoxy


    Does anyone know what the sizing is like on blinks t shirts? I prefer 50cm chest and 70cm length usually
  16. ChampsMusic

    Can’t say for the new merch company, but I always buy a size up in the past. Runs a full size smaller in my experience
  17. xDumpweed182x


    This has me hoping the transitions between songs is reminiscent of Enema and Untitled. The songs on those albums blend so beautifully.
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  18. TheJMan

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    @Noradrenaline sorry on the 2010 show. But I believe I have the 2012 one. It might take me a week or so (I’m on vacation) but when I get home I will check my hard drive and see.

    Until then enjoy the Youtube audio concert of it:

  19. Noradrenaline


    Thank you! :heart:
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  20. TheJMan

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  21. Noradrenaline


    By the way, a friend of mine recently told me that he has a bunch of VHS cassettes at his parent's house containing a "blink weekend" from MTV in 2001. I've never heard of this! I would guess it's just live clips and features that already are on youtube but it still might be a fun thing to watch. He will try to rip the tapes next time he's there. Might be able to share it here.
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  22. xDumpweed182x


    Really want that shirt and sweatshirt, but don't wish they were sold separately from the bundles, because I've already ordered the album 3 times
  23. ChampsMusic

    If it’s with the pink vinyl, I might buy it off of you if it’s truly a separate variant. Until then I’m gonna hold off before I end up with three of the same damn pink.
  24. MRose24


    So I pre-ordered on iTunes. Ordered 2 vinyls. And got CD’s with my tickets for both the CT show and Brooklyn show. Is this album gonna debut at #1 on billboard?
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  25. slimfenix182


    Zac Brown band is it's only competition, last blink was around 190 and last Zac Brown was around 140. So def possible.
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