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Blink-182 on KROQ — All the Updates • Page 4

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Dan and Derek will keep busy, no doubt about that. Dan went all in on the Falcon record, so he's gonna tour a lot for that. But yea, Matt is going to get the most money he's ever had from this. But for Dan and Derek, money never really was a big thing to them.
  2. Kerrbs

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    I get such a headache every time I go to a concert there. I vowed last year to never go there again. I'm contemplating Pittsburgh or something just to avoid the traffic disaster of Blossom
  3. The Comfort

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    I feel like people don't understand Tom Delonge when they say he must be mad/upset at this. Reason he was not keen on blink is because they want to write songs like this and he wants to experiment and grow as a musician (say what you want about the last 2 or 3 ava releases though), so this song (regardless of the fact I kinda liked it) is exactly the reason he isn't in blink anymore.
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  4. tdlyon

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    Lol wow I completely forgot Amy Schumer was on that show
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  5. Kizwiz


    Because the fans are still bitter, even more so than the members themselves. I was surprised we didn't get any, "incoming Tom news.. lel he's so jealous!". Then you got people even saying how much "it must suck to be him". The guy just can't win sometimes.

    Great song though.
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  6. AP_Punk

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    I'm loving Dan's solo material too so I look forward to more of that down the road. That man's music resonates more with me the older I get.
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  7. IceStationZebra


    I loved Travis' dig at Neighborhoods. I'm sure it's been commented on already but still.
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  8. I mean, no one said that because he did an interview with Rolling Stone saying he was still in Blink the day before they released the song ...
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  9. ekjohnson4

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    Anyone know if the drumhead is still part of the package? Seems like they may have removed it.
  10. Jake Z


    Yea, because Tom's recent work has been so great. The Delonge fan club needs to realize his music is very average and it isn't any more mature or better in any way. The new Blink song sounds like a mix of the best parts of Blink mixed with new elements. It's a great song.

    I can't stand this thought that Mark and Travis are somehow beneath Tom or stupid because they want to make punk(ish) music. It's very bizarre to hold that against them.