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blink-182 - NINE (September 20, 2019) Album • Page 6

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by SmithBerryCrunch, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. mattfreaksmeout

    Trusted Supporter

    This one is probably my least favorite so far, but definitely is not bad.
  2. slimfenix182


    It's interesting how on Cali they have songs that are kinda vocally exhausting, and this one has no breaks for just music but it just feels like it works well
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  3. JamesMichael

    Creative Developer Prestigious

    I don’t want to slate blink as they’re one of the most influential bands to strike up in my teenage years but these songs just don’t do anything for me. I’ll still listen to the album as a whole when it’s out but I’m not expecting much at this point. I feel I gelled more with Cali i.e Bored To Death, Sober and Left Alone.

    That said of course it doesn’t touch the Tom and Jerry Finn days. The band was really at their peak at that point and I think I wrongly judge them for that?
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  4. henryviolence


    Definitely my favourite of the tracks released so far. Always dig sad Mark.
  5. Mike J Sep 6, 2019
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    Mike J

    We talk too much / We talk in circles

    I actively resent Feldmann for what he's done to Mark's voice. At the very end of '...Hated You,' Matt comes in with a soulful rendition of the main vocal which intercuts with Mark. Thus, you can tell how soulless and processed Mark's vocal sounds in comparison to Matt's. And I love Mark's voice so this is saying a lot.
  6. cricketandclover Sep 6, 2019
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    Things have changed.

    Are we doing this thing AGAIN where we assume EVERY bad part of a song is Feldmann's fault? Andrew Watt and John are both listed as producers on this song. People said the same shit about "Happy Days" and Feldmann had nothing to do with that song. Maybe that's just ... how Hoppus has to sound these days?
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  7. TheJMan


    Yeah I think you have to separate the Tom/Jerry Finn era and this era of the band. I don’t think the band could ever top the Dude Ranch through Untitled years even if Tom was still in the band.
  8. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    So you were in the studio when this song was recorded?? Fascinating!
  9. .K.

    Trusted Prestigious

    Mark’s produced albums before, and if he had an issue with how he sounds I’m sure he’d make it known or fix it.
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  10. SteveLikesMusic

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    The vocal effects are a bit much but doesn’t ruin it for me, love that chorus.
  11. Mike J Sep 7, 2019
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    Mike J

    We talk too much / We talk in circles

    Oh, are you saying one can't reverse-engineer Blink's revolutionary sound?
  12. Mike J

    We talk too much / We talk in circles

    You can't see the forest for the trees.
  13. Mike J

    We talk too much / We talk in circles

    It's the same affectation that Feldmann first brought to the table. So, forgive me for crediting him with something he started.
  14. Doomsday

    Trusted Prestigious

    I'm gonna rank the singles

    Darkside > BIOMY > I Really Wish > Happy Days >>>>> Generational Divide
  15. .K.

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    No, I’m pretty sure Mark is a big boy and he’s not happy he’d make changes. I can see just fine.

    After 5 songs released, people should have some idea if they want this album or if it’s not for them.
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. The Black Parade

    Now I Know This World Isn’t Spinning Just For Me Prestigious

    I’m literally not surprised.
  18. smoke4thecaper

    hold on, let me catch my breath Prestigious

    @Mike J Why do you do this to yourself?
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  19. bradsonemanband

    Trusted Supporter

    This is going to be a very polarizing album, I think.
  20. DesolateEarth


    As much as I dunk on new blink material, Mark sounds better on these songs than he did on the first couple blink albums.
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  22. Corey Putney

    @coreyputney Supporter

    Is it just me or does “I Really Wish I Hated You” low key sound like some butt rock band with a Mark Hoppus feature?

    Really disappointed in the direction they seem to be going with this album. Not enjoying any of these singles. I think it’s time I tap out on being a blink fan and that bums me out.
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  23. .K.

    Trusted Prestigious

    I thought everyone would’ve liked Generational Divide.
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  24. topper182


    Can’t you still be a fan and not care for their new music? I see that response a lot when bands put new music out, especially Blink and am always confused. Personally, I’m a fan of several bands that I prefer their older material over the new stuff. But you do you!
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  25. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious