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  1. theasteriskera

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    Literally all of this. Maybe like 10-15% of the time I've bought lawn seats, when I get scanned in they'll ask if I want to be bumped up to a seated spot for free.
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  2. theasteriskera

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    And honestly, how many of the non-blues were bought by scalpers hoping to make a quick buck.... Jokes on them this time around
  3. MRose24


    Hartford (2nd show of the tour) prices have dropped significantly. Purchased mine for $81 fees included, now the same seats are being sold for $39 + fees
  4. SaveTheEarth

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    Floor for Columbus isn't looking good 9 days out...
  5. sam_might_say

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    I’ll always love Blink, so I obviously don’t want to see them fail in any way, but I can’t wait to see how empty some of these venues are when the tour comes around lol
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  6. josh-

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    Y’all are overreacting. These shows are all gonna appear full, because of cheap ticket upgrades in the venue.
  7. Joshua


    Back ga is actually sold out in Hershey, outside of resale obviously. Also the case with some of the further back seat sections too, so despite the front sections selling like garbage the show will at the very least be half full
  8. Maybevictor

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    Unless they walk up to a section and upgrade the entire section for free (which I know happens sometimes, shoutout to the watch the throne tour) I don’t think that will make a huge difference. It’s hard to get people to take initiative to go spend more money, and most people streaming in and out of the arenas / amphitheaters will not even realize upgrading is an option.

    Even compared with other tours that aren’t selling super well this one is in a pretty bad spot in some markets.
  9. btr


    Yeah lawn people might want the freedom of the lawn, no way everyone moves up and now has to be seated/away from certain friends
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  10. DonnyFTW


    It might not actually be sold out. Disrupt in Toronto stopped selling lawn tickets but it was just a ploy to get people to buy seated tickets, 2 weeks ago or so all of a sudden there was more GA lawn tickets at a discount.
  11. Joshua


    Did find it kind of weird that it was specifically the back half of the venue. I assumed maybe casual fans were attracted to just getting the cheapest tickets to these shows and alot of the hardcore fans chose to just stay home. I bought mine off groupon so I wonder if we're just gonna be in a deserted section in the back lol
  12. manoverboard365


    Ticket prices have dropped, and it sounds like on Friday we'll probably get an official album announcement/new single. If they mention in that press release that the album comes free with ticket purchases, that'll hopefully boost sales a little.

    Still wild to me how poorly this has been selling.
  13. btr


    You've been able to choose either blink or Lil Wayne's new album when ordering tickets already
  14. Maybevictor

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    Plus bundling tickets with albums is a way to get more album sales, not sure that a CD or digital download has ever swayed anyone to buy a ticket to anything they weren’t planning on going to anyways.
  15. cricketandclover Jun 18, 2019 at 1:48 PM
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    Things have changed.

    Hershey is selling some tickets for $18.20.
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  16. Brent

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