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Blink-182 Hires Vegan Instagram Star as Chef

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 8, 2016.

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    Richard Bowie, writing for VegNews, on how Blink-182 have hired the vegan chef, and Instagram personality, Mary Mattern as their chef on their current tour:

    The 30-year-old chef and cookbook author is currently travelling with the group cross-country, creating plant-based recipes—such as cauliflower chowder with biscuit flats, fishless filet sliders, and apple crumb pie—to help fuel members Mark Hoppus, Matt Skiba, and especially the band’s long-time vegan Travis Barker.

  2. Cola.

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    punk af :demon:
  3. notbrokejustbent


    I didn't know Travis was a vegan, let alone a long-time one. Pretty cool of them.
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  4. Fox83



    It feels like this avatar is posting this, and I love it.
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  5. aspeedomodel

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  6. PandaBear!

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    Good on 'em. I recently chose to become vegetarian with a view to going vegan as soon as I am able too (didn't feel like I could go "cold turkey" right away!), and I'm really excited to do this!!! Pretty much everyone has reacted negatively to me going vegetarian though :-/
  7. Kristen


    What have been the reactions? I like how people act like what someone else chooses to eat or not to eat is their business or affects them in any way.
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  8. PandaBear!

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    They've ranged from outright laughter to someone calling me "gay", but mostly the reactions have been confusion, like they literally cannot understand how someone can not eat animals. They think it's as natural as the need to breathe!
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  9. theredline

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    I mean, if you think about it for some people it is that natural. That's how they were raised and anything different is alien to them. Doesn't make their reaction right though. It's not quite the same but I've been trying to cut back on sugar and preservatives and for my seven year old daughter, switching from ice cream to fruit has been a chore to say the least. When people get condition to something the change can hit hard.
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  10. joey-wan kenobi

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    I was under the impression you only ate bamboo. I Don't see the outrage myself.
  11. PandaBear!

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    Condition(ed) is a good word because eating meat is a learned behaviour that is never challenged for the majority of people - repeated over and over again, 2 or 3 times a day for decades. I'm ok with those that are growing (children/teens) eating meat because it does serve a purpose. But adults have a choice - there are tons of alternatives to meat that make the disgusting things that happen on farms/wherever unnecessary!

    Damn, my facade is slipping! Ignore everything you've read ITT!!!
  12. Ben Lee

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    Keep at it. My wife and I went vegetarian and got the same reaction. People just couldn't wrap their heads around the fact that we just wanted to. We don't hate people that don't, lol. Once I explained our reasoning about 100x it finally started to sink in.

    Shortly afterwards, my parents changed their diet. They didn't go meat free, but they went down to just chicken or turkey, and a shit ton more greens and fruit. In that time frame I lost 52lbs and my moms chrones disease went into complete remission. Granted, the chrones thing is a factor of multiple adjustments, but diet is pretty significant.

    Now whenever people ask, I just use those examples and let their imaginations fill in the rest.
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  13. AshlandATeam


    I was a vegetarian for 9 months in support of my wife (who still is). Honestly, I just missed eating meat way too much to do anymore. But I was always baffled at the reactions I would get (and my wife still does get). It's really crazy that anyone in this day and age cares about what other people do with their lives at all, much less something as trivial and insignificant (at least to other people) as what a person eats.

    I dream of a world where people can like a thing or do a thing and the general reaction is 'that's neat. I'm glad you're happy,' instead of some sort of criticism.
  14. Ryan Aug 8, 2016
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    Might be Spider-Man...

    I think for whatever reason, for some, there's a level of snobbery/pretentious with being vegetarian or vegan for some reason. Food is food. We actually discussed this yesterday at my work, and the taboo perception of some foods.
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  15. PandaBear!

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    Pics like this def help me realise I'm doing the right thing hahaha! How is Obama affecting his choice to eat red meat or celebrate some crappy day?! :concerned:
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  16. Ryan

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    Alex Jones is the reptilian overlord for the quadrant we call "Earth".
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  17. noKings


  18. honkytonk

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    Man I bet the food they're eating on this tour is sooo good. I'm not vegan myself but I've tried some vegan dishes and some are unreal!
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  19. justjess


    No way!! This is interesting.