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  1. Horrorca


    what I like about vinyl is that it's a ritual listening to them

    it's the ultimate listening experience, you take it out, look at the big artwork, place it in yr ttable, and you sit down and LISTEN

    it's not for fucking around you know - it's an experience, I like that
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  2. HueyLewis May 29, 2016
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    I totally get the vinyl craze. It's just, getting into vinyl is dangerous because once you start it gets addicting and expensive. Especially all you favorite albums that are out of print. The great thing for me about the digital and vinyl music generation is that CDs got dirt cheap.
  3. Dumpweed182

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    This is the exact reason I strictly buy and listen digital nowadays. I tend to obsess over collections and can't bring myself to track down every single record of the thousands I love on vinyl, or even CD.
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  4. Horrorca


    it's just that paying for digital files is a huge turn off to me...

    I just pay Spotify Premium and buy the shit I really like (and is still being printed)

    I really don't care for (and don't understand) variant collecting...
  5. youngplanetary


    I got a stack of vinyls as well, but I'll admit they don't get nearly as much play time as a tape in my car stereo would, ya know? CDs rule too though. I found my old case of street punk albums not that long ago and it brought a tear to my eye haha
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  6. Bartek T.

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    I obviously had EOTS and TOYPAJ on cassettes back in the day, and I still keep them in my old collection, I also still have a walkman, and from time time I just take them out to take a look etc, like for example when EOTS got 15 years old. But a 15 year old cassette sounds even more like shit ;P
  7. KyleK

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    I've seen a few people express disappointment with them before, although I'll admit I've never had any problems (I also haven't pre-ordered or bought any of their releases though either). I at least appreciate that as a Canadian based company who shipped from the other side of the border, I can now actually get decent Canadian shipping form them, especially if I order through their Amazon store. It's too bad they've gained a questionable reputation though.
  8. aranea

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    I agree, the aggression people get towards others for collecting different things (let alone liking different bands/movies etc) is weird. I don't see the point of cassettes but I'm not gonna laugh at people who want them.
  9. KyleK

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    You could probably go a step farther and simply say "the aggression people get towards others is weird". I generally can't remember any more if people are angrier and more aggressive (often about trivial things), or if the internet has simply provided a platform for publicly voicing it.
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