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Blink-182 Album Coming This Summer

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 3, 2019.

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    Mark Hoppus was interviewed on KROQ and shared that they’re going to release the new album this summer, but don’t know the exact date quite yet. In an Instagram Live Q&A over the weekend he mentioned there could an announcement later this week and that “All The Small Things” was originally called “Babycakes Buttermuffin.”

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  2. CyberInferno

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    Haven't listened to the interview, but that just sounds like it was made up lol. Curious about the reasoning behind it.

    Glad to hear we've got a new album to look forward to this summer.
  3. JamesMichael

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    That was literally my thoughts when I read it haha.
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  4. Woohoo!


    And wasn't What's My Age Again originally going to be called Peter Plan Complex? Not a good idea.
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  5. tomtom94


    "Babycakes Buttermuffin" sounds like an over-the-top parody of ridiculously sickening relationships, so I can definitely understand the link while agreeing that ATST is a much, much better title.
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  6. Dust Of Fallen Rome


    Okay cool but what does Tom DeLonge think?

    And what do his alien pals that probed his butt think?