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Blink-182 Aim to Release More New Music Before Tour

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 13, 2019.

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    Blink-182 talked with Alt 98.7 and confirmed they want to release a couple more songs before the tour starts, the first songs they wrote for the album were really dark and aggressive and in the writing process have leaned more toward the experimental ones that came next.

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  2. bradsonemanband

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    Bring on the new jamzzz
  3. joey-wan kenobi

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    Let there there be darkness. One hundred and eighty two alkaline batteries worth.
  4. pablowashere


    where the F is matt
  5. CyberInferno

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    I'm cautiously optimistic but a bit skeptical as well given that they released "Blame It On My Youth" which was neither dark nor experimental.
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  6. silentc


    From what I understand they did this interview and the kroq one the same day and mark got to the studio first and they were waiting for travia and matt to show up but matt never did so not sure what happened but he's been active on Instagram
  7. Ryan

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    Dave Grohl replaced him. He's also the new percussionist in Slipknot too.
  8. .K.

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    Double album.
  9. Every time I hear more news about new Blink-182 my hopes just get higher and higher, ah.
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  11. theredline

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    Matt doesn’t look like he wants to be there.
  12. BG9352


    I don't care if it takes longer, I just want something that doesn't feel rushed! Excited for it though. I enjoyed BIOMY