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Blink-182 Add Two Shows with Hawthorne Heights

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 20, 2016.

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  2. heymynameisjoe

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  3. ncarrab

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    What an odd opener...thought this band sort of fell off the face of the earth.
  4. emeril91 user of 8 years. Music lover.

    Wow, that's hue for them. Like actually massive. Can't believe it.
  5. Richard

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    Always like to see HH do well ha. JT always seem to be a genuine guy, and they've obviously been through a lot.
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  6. Happy for them! :-)

    They represent Dayton well and I am glad that they are still truckin' along.
  7. ARo24

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    That's huge for HH. Good for them they're good dudes.
  8. Without any context this seems incredibly random haha
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  9. Schooner


    I saw HH in front of about 20 people a month ago. Not exaggerating.
    They played well enough but was hardly any energy and was a little boring. Mest upstaged them in front of their 25 ppl
  10. marceting


  11. Schooner


    image.jpeg image.jpeg Didn't really take any of the empty room though. Not that mean. I enjoyed myself. Was a good little Sunday arvo. Had a few beers and watched my sporting team win before it and had one of the best burgers of my life, not pretty but looks are deceiving image.jpeg
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  12. marceting


    That burger looks absolutely beautiful. Those picturesque burgers are overrated.
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  13. aoftbsten

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    Honestly had no idea Hawthorn Heights was still a band.
  14. aoftbsten

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    I second this. That burger looks magical.
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  15. Dirty Sanchez

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    20 people sounds depressing.
  16. TFT87


    It's kinda crazy HH was playing arenas with FOB in 2006 and are now playing for crowds of 20. That's the music industry I guess.
  17. Jake Z


    The shitty thing is their last few records really have been pretty decent IMO.
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  18. I tried Hate when that came out and it had to have been one of the worst records I've heard in the genre
  19. TFT87


    Yeah I feel like everything after "If Only You Were Lonely" has been pretty bad. Props to these guys for continuing though.
  20. milnj


    How is this new? The announcement of the HH as the opener is new but I had tickets to the June 23rd show before the main tour was even announced.
  21. Brent

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    Those shows can feel so bad in the moment, but then looking back it's always neat. I saw Forgive Durden play to about the same, if not less (with their family members in the crowd as part of that count) at Chain back in like 07.
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  22. Schooner


    Lucky the gig was that album in full for 10yr anniversary
  23. HelloThisIsDog


    The announcement of HH as the opener was the new news....
  24. ncarrab

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    I think it's cool to see a band play in front of 20 people BEFORE they 'blow up' but not after. Then it's just depressing.

    I saw Silverstein in 2003 at a little place called Pirates Cove in Cleveland, literally played in front of maybe 15 people. A year later, they played in front of about 150 people and then it was House of Blues after that.

    Seen Twenty One Pilots a ton of times in about venues sized for 100 to 200 people. We all know what they're doing now.

    It depressed me when I saw Straylight Run play in the winter of 2007 in front of just about 75 people. I remember going to that show thinking they'd be playing in the theater section and I got there and it was in the small ballroom instead. Also, when I saw The Early November play in 2012 at House of Blues when it was only a quarter full. That was sad too.

    I saw John Nolan and Geoff Rickley do a solo acoustic show in 2013 in Lakewood Ohio and there was literally under 25 people there. That too was depressing. John even made some comments like "this is not what we were expecting."
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