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  1. GEM37

    The Day Star Approaches, You Know What It Brings

    Ah. Well then...

    Explains a lot. I had bleeder seats, so I did not recognize anyone taking stuff offstage, although I did notice that guy giving the cymbals away and thinking that was weird!

    I thought the prank was that giant BANG! that went off during "Missing You." Does anybody know what actually happened there?
  2. uberlou


    Was at the show too. Pretty sure that was a prank as well, possibly to deflect from the prank during Dear Maria? Either way, it was hilarious and I was singing my heart out during Dear Maria. That was pretty fun
  3. cybele

    set our hearts ablaze

    I've never been to an amphitheater show before and honestly this experience makes me pretty glad. ADTR and Blink were good and enjoyable performance wise but the Irvine Meadows is a horrendous venue. The lawn was pretty miserable, just packed full of wasted assholes until we moved to the very far side where it was actually open space. There was a pit on the lawn where people actually lit stuff on fire -- absolutely absurd.
  4. GEM37

    The Day Star Approaches, You Know What It Brings

    Sorry you didn't have such a great experience! Irvine can definitely be a frustrating venue, especially with their parking and how far you need to walk to actually get to your seats, but for the most part I've actually had decent experiences with amphitheaters.

    I'd say that if there's ever an act you want to see that's playing The Forum, go there. Indoor arenas tend to have a controlled atmosphere anyway. (Much fewer fires, I'd imagine!)
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  5. Daniel182

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear

    This tour is finally over. Feels like it lasted forever.

    ...forever and ever, this tour went on forever.
  6. korey011


    So now ADTR's spring US Tour should be announced in the coming weeks I'd assume.
  7. manoverboard365


    Thank god they're tearing Irvine down. Absolute worst experience I ever had at a show. First, had to park like a mile away from the venue. Then you get into the venue and you still have to walk 10 minutes up a hill. Get to the lawn and it's just full of douchebag bros. Then the show ends and it took us 2 hours to get out of the parking lot. Not even exaggerating there. Then at one point some drunk 20 year old asshole walked up to my car and stuck his head in my window saying he was gonna beat my "***got pussy ass" if I didn't let his car cut in front of ours on the exit line.

    Never going back to Orange County.
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  8. Knifeparty


    Sounds like you should have rolled up your window while his head was in there.
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  9. GEM37

    The Day Star Approaches, You Know What It Brings

    Lol, dude I know Irvine kinda blows, but never going back to OC? They still have Chain Reaction and the Observatory, and I'd pick those over The Roxy any day of the week.
  10. GEM37

    The Day Star Approaches, You Know What It Brings

    So I've heard.

    But Observatory doesn't typically do events on the scale of Chain Fest. I've seen letlive. and Simple Plan there and it was fine both times.
  11. cybele

    set our hearts ablaze

    Thankfully the bands did sound great and I still had a lot of fun with my group (I usually go to shows alone so it was nice to have other people to hang out with!) so I'm definitely looking at the positives.

    I'd love to go to a show at The Forum actually, I've been wanting to go since they reopened. And yes, hopefully fewer fires! ;)
  12. kidinthebushes


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