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  2. Jason Tate May 8, 2019
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    They work together and often give/get credit when they do a song. It’s very communal/collective. They’re awesome people too, more businesses should share credit for collective work instead of one person saying “I did it all” when that's rarely the case.
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    Ah, I see that you are an expert on how the most respected mastering studios in the world operate.
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    This is not good. Not good at all. I enjoyed California, but this tune is awful.
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    I never knew until today that tracks have more than one individual doing the mastering. P cool I guess.
  6. justin.


    I think this is neat. As someone who went to school for audio engineering back in my younger days I would have loved to have had an audio engineering group like this.
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    I enjoy the song. This kinda reminds me of the pushback when FOB moved in a more pop oriented direction. People wanting them to sound like they used to hated it and others appreciated it for what they are now without placing it within the context of the band’s discography or longing for their previous sound.

    This song is catchy and I can dig that.
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    To me on first listen....if Los Angeles was the night time/dark version of this song, Blame It On My Youth is the bright/sunny day version.
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    I agree. When I went to school for audio engineering
    it was not the norm.
  10. You can now bookmark it! ;)

    Did you really like the last bit of what he DID contribute to the group? Especially live?
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  11. Exactly. And I bet a lot of people that worked on songs, helped do things as interns or younger help, wish they got the credit the top-line name did on a bunch of stuff as well.

    I've heard of people working with some biiiig name mixers that have what basically are engineering assistants do most of the early passes and they never get credit. :-/
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    Whatever happened to Chris Holmes? I feel like.he always pushed Mark to that dark electronic side
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  13. I have talked with Emily Lazar on multiple occasions. I'm sure if you read through her discography you'll see why.

    Check them out on Twitter, lots of great people.
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  14. :shrug:

    Haha, I haven't talked to him in a loooong time.
  15. Dying_ambiance May 8, 2019
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    Happens a lot and it's a shame.

    My main comment in regards to the number of people mastering the song was less about the fact that "X" amount of people mastered the song. It was more about the fact that it really shouldn't have needed that many people to "master" it. Now if the list of people who mastered it includes everyone in the process like you said, then I am glad they got credit for the time and energy they spent working on the piece of music.

    With all that unnecessary shit said. This might not be a song I'm going to enjoy by Blink. I'll hold back 100% judgment for a full album, because I'm a full picture type of guy. I'm glad they are making whatever the fuck music they want.
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    Nearly all of the entry level positions near Atlanta (closest area to me with multiple job openings) were basically asking for exactly that. This wasn’t for big name producers either. I nope’d out of that and had to find a new career path. Props to a group that isn’t dog eat dog. Their list of artists and projects is impressive as well.
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    Sorry, I didn’t mean to direct that towards you. I meant to reply to the person stating that it shouldn’t have taken that many people.
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    I loved California, hell I loved Neighborhoods.. but I just cant get into this very much. Is this Thing Cursed? Was Skibas best work in a while though, so I can't complain at all.
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    Just came here to say I love the song. Totally happy with this direction and I’m quite amped for the album now. I like the retrospective lyrics and the production. Skiba sounds much more comfortable on this too. As a 30 year-old, I relate to the lyrical content a lot. Great job Blink.
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    Because, musically, “I Miss You” and this are cousins is why this is Blink 182
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    Is that autotune?
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    Did he say that? If so, this is a good point - I actually prefer Coldplay to this.
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    First Star Wars, then Chewbacca. Now Blink. RIP
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    Now that's on brand.
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