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Blink-182’s Firefly Set Streaming on Yahoo

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. AsfAstAswegofar


    Hoping that they'll play another new one soon. Less than 2 weeks til release!
  3. TDenverFan


    They sound.... ok. Maybe it's just the mix or something, but it's not a great vocal performance. Skiba was always kinda hit or miss with AK3 though, so it's probably just a bit of an off day.
  4. GameOfThrones


    traveling...out of country..wont let me view.
  5. GageStillAlive

    Still Alive Supply Co. Supporter

    They sound pretty good and look like they are having a blast. Loved that they played "Not Now."
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  6. kidinthebushes


    I hope they change their set up for their headlining tour.
  7. jordanjohnson09


    stay together for the kids was almost unbearable
  8. Bayside 182

    Wolverine Supporter

    I may be in the minority in this thinking but I think I miss Tom. I do think in recent years he didn't fit with what Blink wanted to do going forward but the vocal dynamic between Mark and Tom was one of the main things that made Blink stand out. I love Alkaline and love Matt but they just can't replicate the sound that made Blink unique. Everyone seems so excited about the new record and I am as well but I think its more realistic to view it kind of like a +44 follow up than a new Blink record.
  9. WetwithSharp

    and a little jingle...

    I totally agree, I've said this ever since it was annouced Matt joined the band. It just sounds like Mark....with a slightly different sounding Mark lol. Matt's great, but their voices are not different enough from eachother's to provide that blink sound.

    They definitely should've put this under a new name....or made it +44, imo. I'd assume the reason they didn't do that is because of the name recognition of Blink and the power that grants.
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  10. AshlandATeam


    Another day, another set of people claiming a band shouldn't be named what they want to be named, and another article where Tom claims he's essentially Mulder from the X-Files.

    It's like Groundhog Day.
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  11. SoundInTheSignals

    @Bake_Wear /

    Yeah Tom and Mark had a great thing for a long time. It was really cool. It's pretty obvious that isn't the case anymore. I think Matt and Mark sound similar, but not in a bad way. I also wouldn't want them picking somebody just to replicate the "Tom" sound. So I'm all in for it and excited about the album. I mean I look at it this way if you get even a few songs off California you like that's probably a few more than you would have gotten if Tom had held up the Blink album two or three more years while working on movies, comics, books, etc...
  12. Stevie


    I don't get how people think Mark and Matt sound that similar. I have zero issues telling them apart.
  13. Dan O'Neill


    After "Bored To Death" came out, one of my friends said to me that he couldn't wait to hear the next single. "Hopefully Matt will get to sing in that one," he said.

    He didn't notice Matt at all in BTD. Blew my mind, haha.
  14. Daniel182

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear

    On my first listen of Bored to Death, I didn't notice Matt at all, and I have been a huge blink and Alkaline Trio fan for 13+ years. On the second listen, I was able to.
  15. J.Dick


    Exactly. People want that Tom/Mark vocal dynamic but it hasn't existed for over 10 years. Ever since they reunited Tom simply can't/won't sing like that anymore. Some of those live Blink videos are unlistenable. Tom can't sing live and actually is a worse guitar player live too.
  16. CyberInferno

    Line below my username Supporter

    I didn't catch it, but how much worse than this was it?
  17. jordanjohnson09


    wow, well at least matt didn't slur every word together lol.
  18. jordanjohnson09


    where is it in the urethra chronicles 2 where tom says he sings so good he doesn't even need to anymore??
  19. Serenity Now

    deliver us from e-mail Supporter

    Does anyone else hear a second rhythm guitar playing in Man Overboard?

    Specifically around the 40 second mark. Matt sounds like he's playing the guitar lead and then a second guitar is playing chords. Mark's bass is coming through for me normally.

    Do they use backing instrumentalists that play somewhere off-stage?
  20. TDenverFan


    They probably just backtrack it
  21. EvanT.O


    They are probably playing with guitar that's back tracked (pre recorded) just like the synths and pianos for other parts. Unfortunate to see especially when it's mixed badly... there was also times when it looked like matt wasn't playing guitar at all.