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    Get there earlyish if you can and snag a parking spot in the front. There's re-entry and it's great for storing merch. If that fills up, you'll have to park in the Target parking lot and walk through a cornfield for about 1/8th of a mile. It also gets hot/sweaty in the school, so bring an extra shirt.
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    eat my shorts, jabronis

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  3. sonder

    eat my shorts, jabronis

    Google doc link to win tickets through Fusion Shows.
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    I want set times like y'all wouldn't believe.
  5. JaytotheGee

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    I'm preparing for at least one shitty conflict :(
  6. alkalinexandy

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    This was a ridiculously great suggestion. Just made my Friday afternoon way better. Thanks for the rec!
  7. natefoundglory

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    Had a dream the other day that The Wonder Years closed on "Bar Bands" and all the reunions we wanted just showed up for the outro instead and it was a glorious end to Bled's legacy.

    And now I need that in my life.
  8. Just the thought of this made me look up flights from Minnesota lol

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    Looks like set times are coming tomorrow!

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  10. JaytotheGee

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    As long as The Wonder Years, Spanish Love Songs, Prince Daddy, All Get Out, Free Throw, Iron Chic, Have Mercy and Koji don't conflict I'm good
  11. JaytotheGee

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    12:40-1:05 - Prince Daddy & The Hyena
    1:05-1:15 - Wounded Touch *
    1:20-1:45 - See You Space Cowboy
    1:45-2:00 - Save Face *
    2:00-2:30 - Have Mercy (might try and watch some Baggage too)
    2:30-2:55 - The Sonder Bombs
    2:55-3:20 - All Get Out
    3:20-3:45 - Spanish Love Songs
    3:40-4:00 - For The Fallen Dreams *
    4:15-4:45 - Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties
    5:20-5:30 - Illuminati Hotties
    5:30-5:50 - Convenient, Trash *
    5:55-6:25 - Iron Chic
    6:25-6:40 - Free Throw *
    6:45-7:15 - American Opera / Awakebutstillinbed (partial of both) *
    7:00-7:40 - Hawthorne Heights *
    7:40-8:00 - Koji *
    8:00-8:20 - Camp Cope *
    8:20-8:45 - Strange Magic
    8:45-8:55 - The Dangerous Summer *
    9:00-10:00 The Wonder Years

    * = partial set

    Not too many rough conflicts. Only one that kinda hurts me is the Free Throw and Iron Chic overlap
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    WOOF. I'm going to have to make some cuts.
  13. natefoundglory

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    Spanish Love Songs in the hallway, let's fucking GO

    Edit: Actually, can we get an express lane set up between B and C stage so I can full-on sprint from All Get Out to SLS?
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    I will be sprinting my ass through the traffic
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  15. ALT/MSC/FAN May 15, 2019
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    12:00-12:25 Grey Matter (A)
    12:25-12:50 Tall Boy (D)
    1:20-1:40 SeeYouSpaceCowboy (A)
    1:40-2:00 Save Face (B)
    2:05-2:30 Baggage (F)
    2:30-2:55 The Sonder Bombs (C)
    2:55-3:10 Overgrow (D) (AGO?)
    3:20-3:45 Spanish Love Songs (C)
    3:45-4:00 Shortly (B)
    4:05-4:15 Skitchin' Speaks (B)
    4:15-4:45 Aaron West & the Roaring Twenties (B)
    5:55-6:10 Iron Chic (B)
    6:10-6:40 Free Throw (A)
    6:40-6:45 Absinthe Father (D)
    6:45-7:15 American Opera (C)
    7:15-7:40 Hawthorne Heights (A)
    7:40-7:55 Koji (C)
    7:55-8:10 World's Greatest Dad (F)
    8:10-8:40 Camp Cope (A)
    9:00-10:00 The Wonder Years (A)
  16. natefoundglory

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    Some more thoughts!

    -Looks like the main stage is in the gym now, which is actually pretty cool. Gonna make traffic between A and B kind of a nightmare I imagine, though.
    -Iron Chic and Free Throw conflict is my biggest bummer. I was also hoping to see a full Dangerous Summer set, but I'd like to be in a good spot for TWY, so that'll end up being a partial at best.
    -Gonna try and catch as much as I can in my downtime, but my schedule is pretty packed.

    12:40 - 1:05 Prince Daddy & the Hyena
    1:35 - 2:00 Save Face
    2:05 - 2:30 Baggage
    2:55 - 3:20 All Get Out
    3:20 - 3:45 Spanish Love Songs
    4:15 - 4:45 Aaron West & the Roaring Twenties
    5:25 - 5:50 Dogleg
    6:10 - 6:40 Free Throw
    7:00 - 7:40 Hawthorne Heights
    9:00 - 10:00 The Wonder Years

    Also, the bummer that this is ending soon is starting to set it. This is only my 3rd Bled, but my last two times have been highlights of my showgoing career, and fuck am I gonna miss this.
  17. atlas


    for the love of shit go see Narco Debut at 4:35
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  18. Kelsey


    Schedule is pretty good for who I want to see without a lot of conflicts. Truly can’t wait to see twy again.
  19. natefoundglory

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    Ooo, yeah, I'll swing by there after Aaron West, forgot about that
  20. Mdshakesphere


    12:15-12:40 Ness Lake stage b

    12:55-1;20 gold route stage b

    1:35-2:00 save face stage b

    2:30-2:55 Sonder Bombs Stage c

    320-345 Ugly Flannel Stage E

    Probably gonna leave Ugly Flannel by like 3:30, or immediately after they play "I want to leave the house" whichever comes first

    3:35-4:00 Shortly Stage B

    4:15-4:40 Aaron West and the roaring twenties stage b

    5:20-5:50 Illuminati hotties stage a

    6:10-6:40 Free Throw stage a

    6:45-7:15 Awakebutstillinbed stage b

    8:00-8:40 Camp Cope stage a

    9:15-9:45 Rivals Stage B

    I'm happy with my schedule, not too many hard decisions and only one time where I will have to leave early/miss The beginning of a set
  21. fluffyjdawg


    Damn, I can only see 3 of my top 5 bands :(
  22. natefoundglory

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    Just touched down in Lansing, gonna hang out here for a bit before going to my hotel.

    So so stoked for tomorrow!
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    Just moved to Lansing today actually! At my sister's tonight, ready to rock tomorrow.

    EDIT: If you're looking for me tomorrow, I'm VERY tall. That's all you need to know!
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  24. natefoundglory

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    My wife and I ate at the Lansing Brewing company and just walked around that park a little bit, which was nice.

    I think I'm definitely sorta in denial about the whole...finality of tomorrow.
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  25. Mdshakesphere


    Im glad your enjoy the city, im currently staying in ann arbor but ive lived in lansing for 3 years and its a nice place