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  1. oakhurst


    I saw it on Friday and thought it was alright. It was everything I expected, but the action sequences were good.

    An OW of $33 million is not good though. Of course we’ll see Harley again in TSS but probably won’t see any of the characters again.
  2. Tim

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    I dunno, its budget was $84.5 million, & it’s already made $81.3 million. Landing so far below expectations isn’t good, especially since they were probably hoping this would be their Deadpool, but the word of mouth has largely been positive, & I don’t think there’s major competition coming up.

    As a big fan of the film, the current performance is a bummer, but I’m hopeful that it’ll have decent legs.
  3. Serh

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    most people saying this flopped know it isn’t rated pg13 right?
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  4. Tim

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    That, too.
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  5. I have a lot of feelings.

    - EWEN MCGREGOR - my god is he a delight. I loved him in this.
    - the fight choreography was awesome. the fight at the climax was really really great.
    - most of the humor landed pretty well.
    - the finality of plot lines.
    - set-ups were followed up on in thoughtful ways.
    - Used the recent Harley comic arcs really effectively.

    - Cass - my god did I hate her treatment. Her arc in the comics has always been one of my favorite Bat-family arcs. In this, she was legit just a mcguffin.
    - MEW - Thought her portrayal of the character felt too stiff. She was trying to play the straight character and it always came off over-acted.
    - the cursing - it felt out of place most of the time.
    - THAT scene
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  6. my roommate told me what to expect of Cass's arc perfectly.

  7. Tim

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    So, as a whole, would you say you liked it? ‘Cause I’m weirdly invested in you liking it, based on some of the comics you’re into.
  8. I think I'm right at about 65/35. Definitely more on the "like it" side than not. My views are probably pretty in line with the reviewers.The parts I found frustrating are weighing it down more than they should.
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  9. Serh

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    black mask easily the best dceu villain
  10. Serh

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    there’s a critic that called this the exact movie that was promised in the suicide squad trailer which... yeah that scans
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  11. I absolutely love how much they fleshed out Black Mask. There is no nuance, he's just a shitty dude who likes to kill people on a whim. His ultimate demise was a perfect way for him to go.
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  12. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    yeah I think they were predicting maybe 50 million and it's tracking for 30 million, so disappointment not flop for sure
  13. I laughed so damn hard when they showed them in their classic get-ups at the end of the movie. Huntress looked so damn hokie. I thought the outfits they had the whole film were great. Though I thought Dinah was Vixen at times.
  14. Tim

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    I loved Dinah’s hair.

    When Black Mask blew up, my friends & I lost it. So good.
  15. Nathan

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    Ewan was good but I didn’t find the character himself particularly interesting
  16. oakhurst


    Black Mask was eh. I liked it better when he actually wore the mask but that was only for about 5 minutes and then he blew up at the end so I guess we’ll never get more of him behind the mask.
  17. oakhurst


    I don’t think it’s OW would’ve been impacted by it being PG-13 that much. There have been a handful of successful R rated superhero films. I would blame it on the lack of interest in the characters of the film when it comes to the general film audience and not very much marketing. One of my friends who went with me didn’t even know the film came out until I asked him if he wanted to go see it.
  18. phaynes12

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    thought MEW was pretty great in this actually. the scene of her practicing her speech in the mirror probably got the biggest laugh of my theater
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  19. stayillogical

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    What scene is the major con?
  20. when she gets bonked on the head and it turns into an episode of Crazy Ex Girlfriend.
  21. 5Stories


    Do I need to have seen Suicide Squad to see this?
  22. nope not at all
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    ain’t nothing wrong with crazy ex-girlfriend
  24. It just felt entirely out of place. There was nothing else in the movie with that kinda of tone. If something like that had happened when she caught wind of the coke, I'd have understood. It was just something I could have done without.
  25. Serh

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    fair enough