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    She’s too good for the Emmys. Yeah that stinks tho
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    Cannot wait.
  4. Kyle is hk

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    Rewatching breaking and realized - it really made no sense that mike was working for both Saul and Gus at the start of BB until BCS came along.

    Also realizing - this show was damn perfect and I need more BCS asap.
  5. RyanPm40

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    This show is great. I started watching the first few episodes when the show first started and thought it was too slow, but I'm glad I'm getting back into it now. Definitely picks up a bit and Bob Odenkirk is hilarious.

    Mike is easily the best part of it though. I find myself always waiting for his scenes to come. He is far more interesting to me
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    They could do a full episode of Mike painting his bedroom and he would make it enthralling somehow
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  7. RyanPm40

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    How cool would it be if the timeline of this show eventually overlaps with Breaking Bad, and it shows Saul's life in between his meetings with Walt? Would be a cool way to get a Walt/Jesse cameo. Maybe he was with Kim all along and only had to leave her for the change in identity, making it even more crushing to him. Who knows.

    I'm willing to bet the show ends with him being caught in Omaha. Still only on S3 though
  8. RyanPm40

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    Also: that sounded so disgusting to me when Jimmy orders a black coffee to have with fried chicken lol. And then they ask if he wanted salsa with his fried chicken? That's quite an interesting combo lol
  9. RyanPm40

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    Wow this season ended strong. That was such a punch to the gut when Saul comes out calling everyone suckers, simultaneously insulting Kim without realizing it. The look of horror on her face was fantastic. Felt unrealistic that he'd be shouting insults about the committee as he's literally walking out of the courtroom, but whatever.

    Poor Werner. But he really was pretty unrealistically stupid by the end there. He knows he's working for dangerous people if he has to keep the whole operation on the down-low and was literally taken there with a hood over his head. That final scene with him was really well-done, though, and had a lot of parallels with Heisenberg, even pleading "let me talk to Gus, I know I can convince him!". Heartbreaking that his wife's final memory of him was how he screamed at her like that. I think it's also pretty neat that the scientist Heisenberg's first name is Werner.

    I find it so bizarre that you can't even stream S4 in the AMC app. Xfinity usually has the most recent season of a show on demand too, but not this show. Luckily I found a stream online, I wasn't about to pay $$ to watch on Amazon when I knew it'd be free on Netflix eventually.