Better Call Saul (AMC) TV Show

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by DeviantRogue, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. DeviantRogue

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    This show is good.
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  2. irthesteve

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    I love the long dialogue-driven scenes this show has, something about it is so engaging. The whole scene with Jimmy and Kim getting drinks/conning the rich dude was so perfect.
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  3. Cameron

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    Someone said in the AP thread that they thought two weeks ago Mike was gonna meet Gus. I bet he'll meet with him in the finale.

    Also now that Tuco is in prison I wonder what the timeline would be from now to BB? I think they said he got three years?
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  5. DeviantRogue

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    Fuck Chuck... that can't be stated enough.
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  6. Cameron

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    He's so self righteous.
  7. Dirty Sanchez

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    BB starts in 2008 and we're still in 2002 in BCS.
  8. irthesteve

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    Nice little ending to this week's, I really gotta commend this show for not forcing cameos or anything, everyone from BB that has shown up has shown up with real purpose
  9. delvec19


  10. Really? So BCS has 6 years to explore still.
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  11. Dirty Sanchez

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    Yes, indeed!
  12. Cameron

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    Kinda wish you didn't post that picture....would liked to have been surprised by that.
  13. Dirty Sanchez

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  14. MrRobot

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    I'm almost certain they said that photo was just a set visit, and not anything about an actual episode in the future. I doubt they'd put out a photo like that and spoil it themselves.
  15. Cameron

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    Ooooooooh. Alright then carry on
  16. Matt

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    Damn those business cards Jimmy made were nice
  17. kidwithhelmet

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    This might be my favorite episode of the season.
  18. Reggie


    I need the weekend to catch up after diving in this past week, but it's just stupid how good this is.
  19. slimfenix182

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    Future spin-off about how Chuck got this way with that title haha.
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  20. Jacob

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    I wonder how close to the BB timeline they'll go with this.
  21. michaelvalerijr

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    I think it's almost certainly going to involve post-BB. I wouldn't even be surprised if there was a whole season or even a few episodes that were after Saul becomes Gene.
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  22. zigbigwig


    Also called that. Feel like Mike will take Gus' offer for protection from the Cartel.

    This show is so slow and I love it.
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  23. Jacob

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    Ugh you're right totally forgot about him working at Cinnabon. That's good though, was hoping they'd do that
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  25. kbeef2

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    This show is making me way too invested in a doomed relationship.
  26. MrRobot

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    We're watching Kim's demise (be it just professionally or otherwise) in slow motion and keep watching anyway. I'm not prepared for what happens to her in the long run because you know it can't be good.