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Best/worst shows you ever attended Tour

Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by ItsAndrew, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. ItsAndrew Oct 24, 2018
    (Last edited: Oct 25, 2018)

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    This is a thread to discuss the best and worst concerts/shows you ever attended, big or small. Festivals count too.

    Edit: Please specify which were the best and which were the worst.
  2. lostawholeyear

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    i saw PATD! right after fever came out and it was awful. funny how things change
  3. amorningofsleep

    Lord rid me of my word vomit

    Easy. Worst show was Morningwood opening for Mindless Self Indulgence back in 04 or 05. Just fucking terrible.
  4. bwh0005


    All Time Low at the Tabernacle in 2017. SWMR’s were opening & I got assaulted by some preteen’s dad after a few of us started a pit during their last song.
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  5. sawhney[rusted]2

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    Best show - Bon Iver first & second sets at Bonnaroo
    Worst show - Eminem right in between the above shows, where he had fake gun shots go off, scaring the crowd
  6. sam_might_say

    “This would be better with beans.“

    Can confirm the worst show I’ve ever been to was George Clinton and “Parliament Funkadelic” back in August.

    It’s incredibly hard to explain why...
  7. sawhney[rusted]2

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    considering buying tickets to this I’m very curious lol
  8. sam_might_say Oct 24, 2018
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    “This would be better with beans.“

    To explain the best way possible...

    -George Clinton barely performed at all, and left most of the performing to his band, random hype men, and dancers (who also barely performed any GC or PF songs?!)

    -Went on for an incredibly unnecessary length. At the last song, one of his hypemen was like “GOODNIGHT!” and then GC cues up another song. My friend and I bailed before the show was over. Note that we bailed at 12:30 AM...

    The thing that saved the show for me was Fishbone opening. But I don’t think they’re playing your date

    There’s a bunch of other things about that show that were odd that are incredibly hard to describe through a post. So, I mean, I’d say you should go for it because it was truly an interesting experience
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  9. sawhney[rusted]2

    I'll write you into all of my songs Supporter

    lol I saw Wyclef Jean before...similar experience to me

    he did a 20 minute rendition of one song, where he and his dancers went into the crowd and one dude was on stilts.

    I think you gave me enough of a reason to not spend $75 on a ticket lol
  10. estacey99 Oct 24, 2018
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    Oh yeah, oh yeah, everything is terrible.

    best: Riot Fest 2014, Circa/Thrice/Balance & Composure last year, Radiohead this past summer

    worst: Papa Roach in 2011, Arkells in 2012 (more the crowd than the actual band), any time I've seen FFDP and Disturbed

    best/worst: Billy Talent in 2013 (crowd was the worst with people basically trying to break my legs to get a better barricade spot, but I discovered Half Moon Run because of that show)
  11. ItsAndrew

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    Why did you find Papa Roach to be bad? I saw them earlier this year and they were decent.
  12. estacey99

    Oh yeah, oh yeah, everything is terrible.

    more a crowd issue than anything, lot of shitty people aggressively shoving and fighting around me, but I was also kinda dragged there too. They're solid performers but I just don't care about their music style at all haha
  13. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    worst was when The Mars Volta opened for the Chili Peppers, and most of their set was a random jam with Cedric barely singing
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  14. sixfeetlive


    Best: All Time Low's "So Wrong Its Right" anniversary show for New Jersey Night 1. Also the SWIR show in London, UK.

    Worst: Night 2 of SWIR in NJ. Had Early Entry for the show, got my place in front of Alex and when Holly (Would You Turn Me On) started playing this girl who showed up late tried to basically fight me for my spot and I ended up getting pushed way back because I wasn't going to do anything to her and crowd surfers broke my glasses in three different places.
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  15. DarkestDayOfMan



    -Rob Zombie (Mayhem Fest 2013): Seeing Rob come out on a giant boombox is something I'll never forget, plus his backing band is really talented which is something I usually can't say for a lot of the shock rock bands out there.

    -Amon Amarth (Mayhem Fest 2013 and opening for Megadeth in 2013): The giant viking ship is one of the best stage props I've ever seen, seeing Amon Amarth in a amphitheatre or arena is a treat. You may get a shortened set but they use the space very well.

    -letlive. (All 3 times I've seen them): if you've seen them you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Jason is one of the best physical performers (also great musical performer considering how much energy he's giving)

    -Fit For A King (all 4 times I've seen them): FFAK is basically a band that sounds even better live (I'm all for them putting out a live album). Plus the crowd just goes off for them every time.

    -The Devil Wears Prada (Zombie 5 tour): First off they did one of my faves EP's and second Mike came over during Outnumbered (my favorite songs from the EP) and made my hand into s makeshift mic stand and screamed into it.

    -Being As An Ocean (Warped 2015 and 2017): I love that Joel spends 90 percent of the time in the crowd. Plus in 2017 I got to scream into the mic for The Hardest Part.

    -Foo Fighters (both 2015 and 2017): they're just my favorite band so I have an obvious bias.

    -Slipknot (2015): this band just brings so much energy, it's hard to explain if you haven't seen them.

    -Steaksauce Mustace (2015): local band from Portland, OR scene. Very reminiscent of letlive. and The Chariot in terms of music and performance, highly reccomend.

    -Parkway Drive (2015): this band is puts on a pretty energetic/massive show for the small venue they were at.

    -Silent Planet (2017 headliner and Warped 2017): I'll fully admit you have to be up close to really "get" this bands live show, but once you get it you really get it.

    -Knocked Loose (Warped 2017): small stage, everyone (including security and crew and bands) moshing and getting into it.


    -Mastodon (Mayhem Fest 2013): look I love Mastodon's studio material, but I've never seen a band look so bored and uninterested to be performing.

    -Silver Snakes (opening for letlive. 2016): Just not interested in their music (as was most of the crowd). Plus their guitar player randomly come up to me and this girl and scream/spit right in our faces.
  16. Full Effect Ed

    ...In F*cking Full Effect Prestigious

    lol I was at this tour in Philly. I remember this all very well haha
  17. bkaeser93


    Fall Out Boy/Panic! at the Disco/Twenty One Pilots.
    A Day To Remember/Pierce The Veil/All Time Low/The Wonder Years.
    A Day To Remember hometown show in a barn.
    All Time Low/Pierce The Veil/Mayday Parade/You Me At Six.
  18. One Of The Last


    Best Shows:

    1) Linkin Park (8/12/12 at Mohegan Sun in CT): This one was incredibly special for me since they were my favorite band and I won a M&G with them. I wondered what I should bring to get signed by them. My gf suggested I should bring my acoustic guitar since they were my favorite band and I loved that guitar. So I drove up from NJ and brought my guitar into the casino. When I got there 2 hours before doors, there were only 4 people in line for the M&G so we all became friends and stuck together. Entering the venue, security at first, didn't let me bring it in. I told them I was meeting the band before the show and their tour manager confirmed my name. Got to bring the guitar in, met the guys (who were incredibly nice) and I made one of their episodes for LPTV. All of this happened before doors opened so I was able to hand off the guitar to my gf (who was outside the venue) and she was able to put it in my car. It got better since I had GA tickets so I was able to walk to the barricade and be front row for the entire show! At the end of the show, the band saw me and started throwing drum sticks and guitar picks to me. It was the perfect show for me.

    Setlist: Linkin Park Setlist at Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville

    2) Yellowcard Farewell Tour (11/13/16 at Starland Ballroom): Very emotional show to say the least. I ended up doing photos for the entire show so I was able to be in the photo pit, just inches away from the band. After shooting, I walked to the side of the venue and watched from there. The entire crowd drowned out the band for about 95% of the show. Almost every YC show I went to, the crowd would pop during anything off of Ocean Avenue and be silent for most other songs. This was different, so much so that Ryan addressed the crowd and basically said they'd remember this show as one of their favorites of all time. During the show, I got a tour zip-up hoodie for $40 and I still wear it today. Probably the warmest hoodie I've ever gotten at a show.

    Setlist: Yellowcard Setlist at Starland Ballroom, Sayreville

    3) Bamboozle 2007 (5/5/07 - 5/6/07 at Giants Stadium Parking Lot): This festival started everything for me. It wasn't my first show but this weekend basically made me love shows. Seeing MCR play The Black Parade in full, Linkin Park for the first time, discovering bands and seeing local bands (Patent Pending/The Sleeping) play giant stages was incredible to say the least. Also, this was the first time I remember seeing my future gf from afar but not having the courage to talk with her that day. Ended up meeting in college in CT which was odd since I was from NJ and she was from Rhode Island. We're celebrating 10 years in December. Bamboozle was a magical weekend haha.

    Worst Shows:

    1) Lenny Kravitz: He played for an hour 15 opening up for the GnR reunion tour 2 years ago. The performance was ok but he only played 8 SONGS! He had an extended jam session for every song and about 15 minutes in, I was bored to tears. He also got 0 response from the crowd after every song. I'm not sure if every one of his shows are like that but that was terrible!

    2) Jane's Addiction/30 Seconds to Mars: I decided to include both here because both bands do the same thing. I've seen them both a few times opening for someone or headlining. Each set is just Perry/Jared dancing around, barely singing and the rest of the band looking bored. They would also put their own spin on each song so when you know the song one way, they find a way to switch it up and confuse the audience. That drives me up a wall almost as much as a lead singer making the crowd sing every word.

    3) Brand New: From what I know, they can be very hit or miss live. Apparently, I saw 2 misses. First one being that debacle at Bamboozle 07 where they acted miserable having their set time changed to 12pm thanks to TBS. I understand you're annoyed but there were a ton of people that got there early for your set and they just half assed it. The second time was in CT right before Daisy came out in a pretty small club. The entire show, they performed in the dark and Jesse was slurring every word. Drove me nuts! They also had a giant security guard who kicked people out for crowd surfing and broke up mosh pits. Other than the hits, the crowd was lifeless and weren't enjoying themselves at all.
  19. JaggySnake83


    Worse - Without a doubt, Hed PE 2 years ago opening for POD. Just weird and awful.
    Best - Probably Enter Shiakri's TTTS 10 year anniversary or Biffy Clyro last year (Both in the Chicago area).
  20. riotspray

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    Worst was probably when I saw Flaw back in 2010-ish(?)

    Love the band, Chris has an amazing voice, but this night was not a good one. Chris was likely impaired or had some past issues with the venue/sound guy. From the second the set started, he was LIVID because his mic was acting up. He threw the mic down multiple times, tried to physically fight the sound guy, eventually he just abandoned the entire set. The rest of the band kept playing, and the crowd sang all of the vocals. They did the entire set (45 minutes) without their front man because he had gone on a tissy fit. REALLY strange. I've seen them before and since and they were great, but this night was not it.
  21. Henry

    Moderator Moderator

    Best: Thrice (as team Vheissu), Underoath (as Slipknot), The Bled (cowboys and Indians), Vedera (wrapped in toilet paper lol) A Halloween show. Just incredible.

    Worst: Anal ****
  22. JaggySnake83


    Sounds like a typical Flaw show lol

    I love the band too and i have seen them 4 times, and i was left disappointed for 2 of them. A few weeks ago i saw them with Smile Empty Soul and they only did like 7-8 songs, one of them was a 8 minute band jam (not an actual song). Chris seems to do better now but his vocals were way off-point and the setlist was very disappointing, especially for a co-headliner.
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  23. amrgirl95


    I saw Smash Mouth in August, and I'm completely serious when I say they put on an amazing live show. Everybody had a good time, and my friend and I ended up both getting guitar picks.

    The single worst set I've seen was probably Falling In Reverse at Self Help in Philly in 2017, when Ronnie Radke basically threw a temper tantrum.
  24. sam_might_say

    “This would be better with beans.“

    Realized I forgot to post my BEST show. Best show is easily Deftones at the Ventura Theater on Halloween 2015. Amazing setlist (seeing Needles And Pins plus RX Queen blew me away. Those are two of my favorite songs of theirs. Never thought I’d hear/see either of them live), I was front row, plus I got one of Stephen’s picks and a setlist after the show.

    It was my first/only time seeing them and I couldn’t have asked for a better first show from them. I need to see them again ASAP
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  25. riotspray

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    That's a huge bummer.

    I saw them WAY back when Endangered Species first came out, and they were great. Also, saw Chris with Five Bolt Main and they were solid. Seen Flaw a couple other times in between and they were good. That night was BAD.

    I haven't seen them in at least 5-6 years and they're playing here in January. I was thinking about going, but after reading your post, we'll see...