Best Friends (Gary Fong, 2017)

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    'The Room' Director Tommy Wiseau and Star Greg Sestero Reunite for New Movie (Exclusive)

    Get hyped, y'all.
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    So I am convinced Gary Fong is not real, and is some kind of alias. That's the only way this movie makes sense to me lol.
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    Man I absolutely love the room but I'm not sure that kind of experience can be recreated once the creators are in on the joke. I'm cautiously excited for sure though.
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    I'm so perplexed that Gary Fong directed this...I'm familiar with his photography he got hooked up with Tommy W is
  6. Nyquist Oct 13, 2016
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    That's one of the many aspects I'm interested to read about as this continues to unravel. I also agree with the comment about cautious excitement due to basically anything involving Wiseau's collaborations with Tim and Eric and also The House That Drips Blood on Alex. I often fear some of it is simply meant to mock Tommy without his knowledge of what is actually going on around him. It's one of the reasons I enjoy the screenings of The Room. While fans know inherently that it's terrible and it's still kind of up in the air as to whether or not Tommy really gets that, everyone in that room also genuinely loves Tommy Wiseau.

    Edit: I actually think The Neighbors is the closest Tommy Wiseau work we will get to The Room and it's far less popular. Reason I say this is that he conceptualized this project over seven years ago when The Room was really still gaining traction so it feels a little closer to who he is.

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    ^I agree with you, but The Neighbors is also really hard to watch. One of the things I'm most interested in about this new movie is how Tommy does not seem involved in the production at all aside from acting in it.
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    ^ This is awesome.
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    I'm so excited for this
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