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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Dodger, Jul 6, 2016.

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    So my friends are having a beer olympics and I need some creative game ideas. I think beer ball, Volleybeer (giant beer pong), Flip Cup, Frisbeer/Beersby (whatever you want to call it), Civil War, Beerio Kart are most likely going to make it. Any other creative ones people have played and wanna share?

    4 player teams so 2-4 person games.

    Outdoor games and indoors.
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    Oh yeah, forgot about baseball. good suggestion. Also Roomba pong is brilliant.
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    I don't remember the rules off the top of my head but it was a ton of fun once everyone got the hang of it. I always called slap cup rage cage I didn't know it was called that as well.
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    We call that Boom haha
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    How about to good old fashion beer chugging.

    I may be thing this to close to the actual Olympics but it could still work.

    Assign a certain amount of beer for a certain distance and compete in track events (1 beer= 400m).

    Add people in for the relays. Make them do something else every few seconds to represent hurdles.
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    Not creative but a case race.
  12. Does it have to be a physical game? The drinking game version of Jenga is pretty fun.
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    Awesome thread. Have played so many times.
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    Just FYI, we ended up doing 7 teams of 4 players one being a girl. Beer Pong, Beer Ball, Beerio Kart, Don't Fuck Your Partner, Flip Cup, and Relay involving the first person making a three pointer, a free throw, and then a lay-up in basketball, chugging a full beer, tagging the next person who did dizzy bat, tagging the next who did flip cup, and then the last person who just chugged a beer. Playoffs was Lightening which is so fun. And finale was Das Boot. Turned out to be too many chugging games and not enough skill and it was hard to get people to focus by the end of it. Definitely regret not having Lightening in the regular season but overall it was pretty rad.

    Setting up was the hard part, setting up the algorithm of who's playing who, one team getting a bye, making sure every team played every team and every game, but it worked out.

    One of my friends teams was team kanto who dressed up like Ash, Misty, Professor Oak, and somebody else, so my team was like the rivals and we had Team Rocket with Jesse, James, and Meowth and was Gary Oak. Made the costumes and the whole thing. Was pretty funny going at it all night. It was an awesome time.