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Beach Slang Part Ways With Ruben Gallego

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 11, 2016.

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    Beach Slang have parted ways with guitarist Ruben Gallego following sexual assault allegations. The full statement from the band can be found below.

    For us, Beach Slang has always been and will always be a safe place for everyone. It was built to be welcoming. It was built to be soft. If we are going to continue to exist, we have to exist in this way.
    There have been allegations involving sexual assault and our guitarist, Ruben. Although this occurred four years ago and prior to him joining Beach Slang, we cannot in good conscience continue with him. We believe survivors and we want to believe Ruben, but until we learn more information, we don’t feel it’s appropriate for him to be a part of Beach Slang.

    We strongly support survivors and organizations such as and we encourage you to use their resources if you need help. We will be making a donation to RAINN at the conclusion of this tour to do our part in helping to ensure these resources are there for those who need it.

    Given the timing of this, our only option is to play as Quiet Slang (James solo acoustic). I mean, giving up never seems to fix things. Maybe today, we can start putting some stuff back together. The Bleached Slang tour starts tonight in Washington, DC. Maybe that’s a good place to start.
    Keep each other safe,
    Beach Slangp

  2. peoplearepoison

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    That was really professional. Very surprised how much support they are getting. It seems no matter how a band handles something like this, the internet never backs them.
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  3. Jake W

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    There were some awful comments but either the band or the posters deleted them.
  4. Perhaps one of the better, more concise statements I've seen in this situation--but as prone as we all are to be hyper-judgmental in these cases, I'm a little thrown off by referring to Beach Slang as "a safe place." On paper, the musical entity of Beach Slang might be an "it," but at the end of the day Beach Slang is a "they." It's a group of people, and any person can commit sexual assault, whether it's completely premeditated or it happens in a drunken stupor. It's evil either way, and it doesn't rub me as truth that any group of people can be a "safe place." No human will ever be 100% above the possibility, nor can a human permanently say "I will never..." and know that it's true. Will-power only goes so far.
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  5. SayHello


    Why does this keep happening in our scene.
  6. clucky

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    because our scene has men in it? its not like it doesn't happen in other scenes too. You just hear about it more in this scene because a) you're a part of the scene and b) more of an effort is being made in this scene to call this behavior out and stop it from continuing to happen
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  7. This is one of the better statements I've seen from a band in this situation. Glad to see them handling this professionally and promoting resources for victims.