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Beach Slang Break Up

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 12, 2021.

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    James Alex’s family has posted a message saying that Beach Slang have broken up. This comes after accusations of emotional abuse were made by the band’s former manager.


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  2. elphshelf

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    Borderline Personality Disorder is no joke. Causes a lot of destructive behavior/tendencies. I’m glad he’s getting help but unfortunately most people that have it end up fucking up the majority of their relationships and their career. Doesn’t make what he did okay whatsoever, but it’s in line with what their former manager described.
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  3. raaaaaaaady

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    Yeah, this is a dicey one. Mental illness is horrible for those going through it and everyone in their orbit. It's super difficult when it comes to assigning blame because it somewhat delegitimizes the person's (both the abuser and the abused) very real, very traumatic experience.
  4. tyramail

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    I don’t actually think it’s that dicey. I don’t think I’m diminishing his experience when he’s using that as a manipulation tool to not even apologize or take accountability. I think I would feel like it was more genuine had he actually apologized and taken ownership of what he had done other than seeming to gaslight and make it seem like it was about his mental health over anything else. And speaking as a woman, the amount of times that men have used women as a punching bag for their emotions because they can’t take care of themselves is old. Just own up to your shit, apologize if you fuck up, and don’t make it about you.
  5. xburningcoffin


    The equivalent:
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  6. raaaaaaaady

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    Completely agree. And sorry I wasn't more clear. His not apologizing and taking more responsibility is garbage. I was merely stating that when mental health issues are involved, it's sometimes hard not to downplay just how much they can change a person into a complete monster who would do things that an otherwise healthy person would not do. But that most certainly does not excuse their actions, because the damage is already done to those they hurt. I had a close friend who had some mental health issues and began treating those close to him in a way that I completely did not recognize. Luckily he was able to get help and offer sincere apologies after treatment. But, to be clear, those who are hurt by anyone, whether the abuser is healthy or not, need to be believed.