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Bayside Finish Recording New Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 7, 2016.

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  2. Fantastic. Best band.
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  3. Colby Searcy

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    Loved Cult excited for this!
  4. JimmyIymmiJ

    Music, a steady riot in my soul. Prestigious

    Can't wait to hear it. It's been a couple albums since I was really into Bayside, but they will always hold a special place in my heart.
  5. Turkeylegz


    Sweet. I hope they find a way to branch out a little. It's clear from Anthony's solo work that he wants to.
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  6. lava890

    Regular Supporter

    I'm excited for this!
  7. My conversations with him suggest differently. Solo is for the non-Bayside ideas. Bayside stays very Bayside.

    Related: my interview with Anthony a few years ago when Cult dropped.
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  8. bmir14

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    Whatever their last album was, i'm hoping this isn't.
  9. schrxck


    I think it's on Anthony's instagram, he said the band is getting a "little weird" on the new album and it's a video of them recording horns, which is exciting and definitely branching out.
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  10. smoke4thecaper

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    Cult never struck a large chord w/ me (however, Killing Time sure did) so I hope they broaden their sound a little this time around.
  11. Cola.

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    Can't wait for this. Wasn't a huge fan of Cult but it had a few gems.
  12. parkerxcore

    Somebody's gonna miss us Supporter

    Always pumped for new Bayside!
  13. schrxck


    I discovered Bayside after Killing Time, so Cult was my first anticipated release by them and I have to say it didn't really live up to my expectations
  14. Colby Searcy

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    This was my thoughts. It's always seemed to me that Bayside will continue to be about the same and he does the solo stuff on the side because he feels like it doesn't fit in with Bayside.
  15. bobsheiskawy

    is it the same for you? Prestigious

    it's going to sound like bayside which is exactly how it should be. i'm hoping it's a mix of killing time and the walking wounded.
  16. Colby Searcy

    Is admired for his impeccable (food) tastes Prestigious

    Personally, The Walking Wounded is one of my least favorite. Definitely some great songs though.
  17. koryoreo

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    One of my favorite bands since I was a a Junior in high school and still enjoy them as the age of 27 as I did back then. Can't wait to hear this and see them live again!
  18. Jonathan

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Verified

    Loved their last two records, very excited for this as well.
  19. edisnfg

    "I'd Kill To Fall Asleep"

    Super excited for this album, CULT was a little lackluster to me, hoping the new album is a bit better. Still one of my favorite bands though. Nothing will change that!
  20. LionInMyPocket

    I was born in a swamp, born with no clothes on

    Loved everything up until Cult... Not that Cult was bad I just can't honestly say there's a single song that had any lasting impression on me. Killing Time was my favorite just because I spent the most time with it.
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  21. Spencer Young

    Don't ask me why.

    Loving Anthony's beard...just thought I'd mention that. Also, pretty pumped for the album.
  22. Colby Searcy

    Is admired for his impeccable (food) tastes Prestigious

    That's Nick, not Anthony.
  23. Spencer Young

    Don't ask me why.

    Oh... Well, nevertheless, it's lovely.
  24. Jake Z


    Love Bayside, wasn't huge on Cult but always excited for new tunes.
  25. Bayside 182

    Wolverine Supporter

    This is great news. I would say I like their first album S&C the best bet they are all great and each have a slight difference to them. One thing I love about Bayside is that although they stay true to their sound and don't change very much, each album does have its own sound, with little nuances, so you can usually tell what album a song is from. I really enjoyed Cult, and I would say that Bayside hasn't yet put out a disappointing album, so I hope that continues.
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