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  1. Davjs


    Never heard of Half in the Bag, I'll give it a shot. I think the length on Cine Sins seems too long because it's not a flowing conversation like a podcast, just choppy edited jump cuts for the most part. I had no idea CS went on for 20 mins though, that must be one flawed movie lol.
  2. Nathan

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    CinemaSins understands how movies work about as well as Donald Trump understands how anything works

  3. Greg

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    CS always vary in length. 15 is prob closer to their average length. They did go super long for the Star Wars prequels and Transformers though.

    HITB is red letter media. Their videos are even longer. But they also have an ongoing narrative that generally bookends each review.

    And I guess CS is not a flowing conversation, but they just go through the movie. I don't view it as a big deal. But that's me.
  4. DeviantRogue

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    HitB is the only thing worth watching out of all that.
  5. Davjs


    Well the Prequels and Transformers movies warrant the length lol. I love the red letter media Prequel videos hahaha. Are the half in the bag guys the ones where they are video repair people and do skits before the reviews? I've actually seen some of them before but since I was only looking for a review I didn't come back. I might give it another shot as a comedy bit though.
  6. Greg

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    Yes that's HITB. The skits are pretty much always kept very short and at the start at end of videos. The review is always the main substance of the video. You could always just skip those parts, pretty easily.
  7. slimfenix182


    A Cinema Sins for the last Transformers movie should have been as long as the movie itself. It should've just been like a pop-up video edition lol no cuts.
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  8. WordsfromaSong


    Most Youtube movie channels are pretty lacking in actual criticism
  9. drewinseries

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    I never had a problem with that moment, I thought Affleck did such a great job. Screaming "why did you say that name!" fits perfectly for the fragile state Bruce is in. What really bothers me how there is literally no conversation between the two afterwards, or even Lois. It's like "hey bud, i'll save your mom, we are a team now, bye."
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    The writing of the scene and the context of it in the movie is pretty poorly handled. I just don't think the moment was earned at all. It's also pretty shallow. We have seen Batman kill a bunch of people. And Superman could not be want to be a hero less. What's so special about Bats killing him? Pretty boring to me in the context of the movie.
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  12. Davjs


    Don't post that in here! How will people laugh at the Martha scene once it's explained to them! :-)
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  13. oakhurst


    Acting as if there will ever be a legitimate reason for the Martha scene to exist other than being one of the worst moments in CBM history.
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  14. Davjs


    Over reacting hmm. I'm not sure if it's been said in here or the DC thread, but the issue with scene is that it's followed up with no dialog and they are suddenly friends. The actual scene of a character whose mentally unstable from loosing his parents coming to the realization he'd been played was great. But hey, never going to change your mind. Keep on hating :-)
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  15. Aaron Mook

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    I also think that scene is fine.
  16. I've never rolled my eyes harder than I did at that scene. It probably had more to do with the fact that I was already incredibly frustrated with the film though.
  17. jkauf

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    Didn't bother me at all, can see why some people had issue with it -- and I can't fault them for that -- but to me it came across as humanizing Superman in Batman's eyes.
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  18. KimmyGibbler

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    Yeah, that was a pretty poorly executed scene. I think everyone understood the subtext of the scene, but it remains a ridiculous moment in the film.
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  19. Tim

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    I don't know how I'm supposed to feel seeing @Davjs and @oakhurst collide, especially when I don't 100% disagree with the oakworst post. I think I need some time to gather my emotions.
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    Aw, are we enemies on here or something? :-)
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  21. Tim

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    Not yet. I imagine someday you'll either become one or drop the belittling of "outrage"/"SJWs"/etc. and become a better overall user. Hopefully the latter. For now, you're just someone who consistently has opinions I really don't like.
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  22. Davjs


    Well that's fine. I don't dislike anyone on here for their own opinions. I will always engage people who post things without context.
    "This movie is terrible garbage" .....but why?
    "I'm triggered because they punched a girl"....but you left out that she was trying to slash him with a knife and he was running out of time to save her.

    If the SJW posts on here backed up the outcry posts with context I wouldn't have any issue.

    I'm an awesome user. My only misstep was engaging with Morrisory and ruining the SS thread for like 3 pages :tear:
  23. Dominick

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    The Martha scene was pretty terrible. And not because it is stupid, because it is, but that is the case with a lot of scenes incomic movies; rather, it is terrible because it is meant to do a lot of work in establishing them fighting on the same side. That takes work, but since that foundation wasn't set up, it is logical that people see it as something like:

    Batman: Our moms have the same name.

    Superman:Cool. Let's not fight each other anymore.

    Batman: K.
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  24. KimmyGibbler

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    The movie didn't work to earn their hatred for each other nor their eventual reconciliation. The whole relationship between Batman and Superman was clumsily built.
  25. Davjs


    I feel that goes in hand with what I mentioned about them needing to talk after the Martha scene. If the Martha scene was kept the same, but after Superman got up he talked to Batman like he did the military in MOS to sway them and they discussed how Lex played them, it would have been more believable then them just silently understanding everything the viewers saw.