Bassist for The Early November Launches New Project

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    Sergio Anello, the bassist for The Early November, has launched his new project Everyone Knows. The new album, Tell or Be Told, will be released on February 22nd, 2019, and today he’s shared the debut single “Blacker Than Blue” which can be streamed below.

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    Pretty fun
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  4. Kaduck


    Whatever happened to their album, Lilac? I think that was the name anyways. Feels like it’s been ages since announced but nothing since. Seems like they all talk on social media still. Must be an issue with Rise? Or just trying to time it out right. I’m ready for it either way though.
  5. Damien Davies

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    Why does this remind me of Head Automatica and You, Me, & Everyone We Know?

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    I'd imagine it will be released before their tour with NFG.
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    Assuming, at this point, just the single in May...?