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  1. SteveLikesMusic

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    Sally and Hank really shined (shone?) in this one.
  2. Sal Paradise


    This is my thought as well
  3. RyanPm40

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    Finally catching up on season 2. Holy shit, that episode with the karate dad and his daughter was so random but fucking hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing at the daughter and how terrified they were of her. "SHES NOT HUMAN".

    I felt pretty bad for the guy, all he did was date a woman who happened to have an ex husband.
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  4. zigbigwig May 16, 2019
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    my wife subscribed us to HBO for GoT and after some episodes of disappointment I was able to convince her to binge 2 seasons of Barry in a week (bec I’ve been wanting to watch this for some time) and that HBO sub feels so worth it now.

    can’t wait for the finale. The karate episode is a standout for sure. and Noho Hank is the best character ever.

    love how seamless they go back and forth between dark and funny. and not sure how they’ll resolve Barry’s story arc. it’s going to be so tragic.
  5. zigbigwig Pokemon Draft League Champion Prestigious

    there’s like 1/3 of actual discussion on Barry and the rest are just John and Bill bantering haha
  6. trevorshmevor May 17, 2019
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    A friend hooked me up with his HBO login so I could finally watch this and Crashing. Started this on Monday evening and am caught up now — what a show. I’m both super happy I only have a day to wait for the next episode and entirely bummed about the wait for a new season. Bill Hader, man. Fuck.
  7. Mr. Serotonin

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    Is crashing good? I’ve heard of it but have no idea what it’s about
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  8. Dirty Sanchez

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    It was cancelled, so I don’t know if I wanna start if it didn’t wrap up properly.
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  9. trevorshmevor

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    Unsure, haven’t started it yet! I’ll let ya know though
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  10. Cameron

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    This season has been perfection.

    I really hope Hank’s arc next season is starting up a hotel.
  11. neo506

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    He actually starts the assassin hotel from John Wick
  12. Sal Paradise


    It’s good, especially if you are a fan of stand up. It gets better throughout the series. Also it was cancelled after season three but it ends on a good note/ feels complete.
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  13. ncarrab


    Yeah, Crashing is really good and this is coming from someone who does not like Pete Holmes at all. Bummed it’s cancelled but as stated already, wraps up perfectly.
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  14. Marx&Recreation


    Interesting that there’s a couple times Hader says they haven’t even reached a couple points that they originally planned
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  15. currytheword


    This show is really great. Another notch on the belt for HBO and we’re only 2 seasons in.

    I’m cool with Winkler dying if we get to keep Carrigan.
  16. RyanPm40

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    Carrigan and Winkler are the best in the cast so I'd hate to lose either
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  17. currytheword


    You have to choose one. You HAVE to.
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  18. ncarrab


    My fucking power is out and I can’t watch the finale. Furious.
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  19. Barresi

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  20. zigbigwig Pokemon Draft League Champion Prestigious

    i was legit terrified of everything. what a way to end it
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  21. Dinosaurs Dish

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    Pretty good cliffhanger idea but I wasn’t a fan of how it was executed with him not remembering what Fuches whispering into his ear until the very end.

    Also, they’ve taken all the goodwill pumped into Sally and really made a mess of it. She’s always had issues and has been a bit selfish but nearly always seemed to end up making the right decision. Her slapping Barry like that and then completely changing the scene on stage just unraveled her whole great storyline this season. I really hope she ends up denying that that wasn’t the truth and continue to be a true artist and not something sensational.

    All in all, great season and looking forward to more. I could see them having this lead to Barry not even trying to be an actor anymore. He just realizes that he’s evil and nothing is going to change that.
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  22. Dinosaurs Dish

    who were we when we were who we were

    The bit with Fuches talking to everyone and they couldn’t hear him and talking about Bluetooth and everything was hilarious.
  23. RyanPm40

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    Oh shit I thought this was a 10 episode season, had no idea it was the finale. Will be watching this in a bit
  24. zigbigwig Pokemon Draft League Champion Prestigious

    still can’t. this is going to haunt me. i binged the show in 2 weeks and now it’s gone again

    the ending scene with the rain was so well done
  25. Anthony_

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