Baroness Band

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by DaydreamNation, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. DaydreamNation

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    Discuss this wonderful band from Savannah, GA.

  2. phaynes1


    GOAT love love love them
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  3. jordalsh Prestigious

    Purple is legit incredible
  4. troyplaysbass

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    Such a spectacular record, made even more so in the context of coming back from the bus crash.
  5. JM95


    Put on Purple today for the first time in a few weeks; it's honestly amazing how well made that record is.
  6. T.J.

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    I love these guys. I think I have listened to Purple five times in the last 2 days.
  7. GraveDigger

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    I need to give their last two records more time, but I'm a huge fan of the EPs and their first two records. Red is easily one of my favorite metal albums.
  8. Deathco_019


    Purple is still one of the best albums of last year.
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  9. suicidesaints

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    Purple is the jam.
  10. inwaves

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    Gonna make it my mission to spend some more time with Purple this week. I checked it out when it first came out, but didn't stick with it for whatever reason.
  11. musicfan9795

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    Giving Purple a spin while studying for finals. Easily their best.
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  12. ghostedaway

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    Thread bump makes me wanna throw it on
  13. Deathco_019


    Just got this one 180 gram vinyl. Am happy now.
  14. Drew Beringer

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    yeah Purple is definitely their best album
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  15. Henry

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    I think I enjoy Yellow and Red more than Purple.
  16. swboyd

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    Blue Record is still their best, IMO.
  17. Deathco_019


    Bumping this thread because I listened to Blue earlier this morning and now I'm onto Yellow. This band has such an incredible discography.
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  18. Xenocide

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    Do you mean Yellow and Green or are you just referring to the first half, and Red Album separately?
  19. Xenocide

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    Each album is wholly distinct yet amazing. I discovered them through Blue Record, which has a special place in my heart.

    If you haven't gotten to it yet, bump Purple. Their best album in my opinion.
  20. Henry

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  21. Xenocide

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  22. coleslawed

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    purple is still so good
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  23. Deathco_019


    Purple is amazing. It was one of my favorite albums of 2015
  24. Xenocide

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    Recorded this beauty. Ft. my tone deaf ass on vocals

  25. goation


    "Shock Me" continues to be the catchiest metal song in existence.
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