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Bands/musicians you have met Tour

Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by ItsAndrew, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. ItsAndrew

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    Thought this thread was more appropriate here than the music forum, since most happen at a tour stop or while a band is on tour. Also I searched and could not find a thread like this.

    Which musicians/bands have you met? Met them for 30 seconds at Warped? Post them here. Kicked it with the band or a member for an hour talking shit before/after the show? Also post it here. Any meeting goes.

    A musician or band you met really nice or really shitty and assholes? Tell your stories. I want to know.

    I’ve met a bunch of musicians after shows and talked briefly, a few are: Jake Ewald, Mike Kinsella, Superorganism, Diet Cig, Julien Baker, Tim Kasher, Sam Ray, Kitty, Mat Cothran, Dylan Mattheisen.

    I’ve never had any in depth conversations with any musicians and no bad interactions. The closest to bad would probably be Sam Ray, he seemed a bit peeved I stopped him to chat and asked for a picture, but he was still gracious to me.
  2. sam_might_say Sep 6, 2018
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    “Damn son, where’d you find this?”

    Shawn Crahan from Slipknot: Book signing (2012)

    He was super cool. Corey Taylor made a surprise appearance too, but he didn’t stick around

    Big D and the Kids Table: Warped 2013 meet and greet

    (Dave told me there was a “big surprise” at their set that day that was “cool but not too amazing.” It was Ron Jeremy coming out to introduce the band)

    Reel Big Fish: Warped 2013 (meet and greet)

    Waylon and St1CH from Mushroomhead: After MRH show (2013)

    I used to be obsessed with this band when I was younger and meeting two members of this band at the time made my life. Waylon was a really cool dude. St1CH was also cool but he seemed tired and done for the day. I don’t blame him

    Bowling For Soup: Warped 2014 (meet and greet)

    Less Than Jake: Warped 2014 (meet and greet)

    Got to nerd out to Roger about his Allroy tattoo and told me the whole story behind it. It was rad

    Ken Casey of Dropkick Murphys: After DKM show (2014)

    Julian and Scott from Neutral Milk Hotel: After NMH show (2015)

    They were friendly and they signed my setlist I got after the show

    New Found Glory: Warped Tour 2016 (meet and greet)

    Surreal. Getting to meet my favorite pop punk band of all time is something I’ll never forget. Chad told me he remembered me from the crowd during their set and loved how I was singing along the whole time. I get goosebumps still thinking about it...

    Page Hamilton from Helmet: After Helmet show (2016)

    I stuck around after their set just to thank him that they played one of my favorite songs of theirs. He took the time to give me playing tips on playing it on guitar. One of the nicest dudes I’ve ever met...

    Mac Demarco: FYF FEST 2017

    I saw him chilling in the crowd watching Noname. I went up to him quickly and asked for a pic which he was totally cool with. After I thanked him he gave me a smile and a wink. He’s a cool dude

    Ryan Key: Cal State Fullerton (2018)

    He played a solo set on my school’s campus, and then stuck around to do pictures. It was real fast-paced. But I don’t blame him, since he had to go to LA immediately afterwards

    Dan from Real Friends: Warped Tour 2018

    Saw him watching ETID on my way to see them. I just dropped a “hey you guys were awesome today!” and got a quick pic since I didn’t want to super bother him. He was cool though!
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  3. estacey99

    Oh yeah, oh yeah, everything is terrible.

    met Passion Pit at an intimate radio session back in 09

    met Default after their set opening for Three Days Grace in 09

    became pretty good friends with now-defunct Canadian band Elias

    met Muse (Matt/Dom) after a radio interview and got autographs/pictures

    met USS a few times after shows they're always really friendly

    got pictures with Hail the Villain at a TV taping

    shot the shit with members of Dinosaur Bones at Edgefest 2011 they were super chill

    met Brandon Saller, members of Black Tide, and Rody from Protest the Hero at Uproar 2011, all nice dudes

    got autographs from Corey/Clown/Chris Fehn (I think) at Heavy TO 2012

    met Rou from Enter Shikari on a couple occasions he always makes time for fans and is generally really friendly

    got autographs from Mastodon and Motionless in White at Mayhem Fest 2013

    met the old singer of Veil of Maya probably one of the few that seemed bothered I asked him for an autograph

    met Half Moon Run a couple times, friend of mine especially loves chatting with them

    met Hunter and Adam from AFI after their show in 2014 super chill and stuck around for quite a while

    got an autograph from Telle of The Word Alive

    met Finch and One OK Rock at Warped 2014, also conversed with Michael from Issues for a bit after their set

    met Arkells and Sam Roberts Band at a mall signing during the Junos, Arkells I just got autographs from but Sam Roberts was super chill and we talked about the Habs for a decent chunk of time

    met Dan from The Wonder Years a couple times when he's done his Aaron West stuff he always has no issues taking the time for autographs or photos and seemed stoked when I told him how much TWY and his solo stuff means to me

    met Crossfaith at Warped 2015 aka I think the last time they were in Toronto

    met Josh from MCS after their Commit This to Memory show was definitely appreciative of how much I love the group and that album

    talked to Brian from Have Mercy a couple times at their shows usually at merch he's always chill

    did VIP for Circa Survive on their Juturna tour amazing experience getting to hang out with my favourite band

    did VIP for PVRIS on their first headline tour Lynn dug the 1975 shirt I was wearing and we talked about how awesome they are and how good I Like It When You Sleep was

    talked with Conor from Foxing a couple times at merch always super friendly and appreciative

    met Dan from Real Friends this past summer on Warped, turns we have the same On Letting Go tattoo on our left calf, but he's got the reverse cover on his right one so he's told me to get that second one so we could be twinning (his words)

    this went on well longer than I expected hot damn
  4. atlas


    Chris Steele from Alexisonfire is by far the nicest band guy I have ever met
  5. DarkestDayOfMan


    I'll probably forget a few-

    I got CD's signed by Shinedown, 3/4's of Godsmack (no Sully), and Staind at Uproar Fest 2012. Aaron Lewis was very very obviously stoned lol.

    Met all of Motionless in White circa 2014 at Warped Tour. The Fearless Records worker was not happy with me trying to have my girlfriend at the time sneak a photo (not even trying to pose or anything).

    Also met all of The Devil Wears Prada circa 2014 at Warped (so still with Chris and Daniel). They were really nice, but it was weird they wouldn't allow photos even though we were literally the very last people that came there as they were getting ready to be done with the signing.

    Met Frankie from Emmure in 2015. Don't believe the rumors you've heard about him being an asshole. He was a really solid dude and hung around all night to talk with fans before and after their set.

    Met Joe from Forever Came Calling twice. Great guy that seems to really be grateful for the little bit of exposure that band has gotten (which they deserve way more).

    Happened to see Levi Benton from Miss May I at Warped 2015 while I was waiting in line at a porto potty. Ran up to him real quick complimented him on his set and asked for a photo real quick and he was glad to oblige. Think he might have been incognito, since he was wearing one of those pointy straw hats (someone feel free to correct me on what if is).

    Also ran into Ryan Kirby from Fit For A King at Warped 2015 and snapped a photo with him and complimented him on being an insanely great vocalist.

    Met Jarrod Alonge at Warped 2015 as well. Had to settle for him signing my water bottle (which I have now lost) since someone took my idea to have him sign a pizza slice earlier on in the tour and he posted about it.

    Met Jason Butler from letlive./The Fever when letlive. opened for Rise Against. Seemed very appreciative that people were coming out to see them on a tour they might have stuck out on.

    My friend bought us Amon Amarth VIP and that was a cool experience. Those dudes are TALL.

    Met Alex when he was still in Chelsea Grin at Warped. Not much of a story there, just asked for a photo and wished him a good set.

    Met Ben when he was still in Invent Animate. Said I hoped to see them again soon and he said he's sure they'd be back soon. Have not seen them since and will not be able to see them with Ben again so there goes that.

    Met Garrett Russell from Silent Planet. 1000% one of the nicest people I've met, let alone musician. Reached out to give me a hug after I said thank you for the set and they did a killer job. Gave me the setlist and was just really appreciative for everyone there. I'm sure anyone else who's met him would back me up on saying he's one of the nicest musicians.

    Met Myke Terry from Volumes in 2018. Very high and was wearing the infamous blonde wig.

    Met all of Carnifex at Warped 2017. Cory and Fred commented on my Tiny Rick shirt.

    Stood around while Joel and their merch guy tore down for the day at Warped 2017. Wanted to meet him but didn't want to interrupt them packing their tent. Really wish I would have, especially because I got to scream into the mic that day during The Hardest Part...

    And finally I met Tobi and James from Trash Boat and Tobi seemed really interested in how my day was going at Warped. And we talked about bands and who they and I would like to see them tour with.
  6. ncarrab

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    I've mentioned everything below in previous threads before:

    Hung out with Andy Hull for a good 45 minutes after an RAGC show at a dive bar in Akron back in 2012. We had several drinks, talked about the NBA and he even offered me tickets to the Manchester Orchestra/Weezer show the next night in Cincinnati (I had to decline).

    In 2003, before Silverstein was even remotely popular I saw them at a place called Pirates Cove in Cleveland. There were literally less than 15 people at the show. My friend and I showed up the the show about 3 hours early and we sat at the bar (we were only 17 or 18 at the time) and we asked the guys sitting at the bar where to buy tickets and they said 'who you here to see' and we said 'Silverstein" and Neil was like 'that's us, have a seat' and for the next two hours they bought us beers and wings. At one point, they were looking for a place to crash but we lived like 45 minutes away and still lived with our parents, so they didn't seem too interested, haha.

    I interviewed Hawthorne Heights back in 2006 when I was freelancing entertainment articles for The Toledo Blade. Also interviewed Jim Gaffigan and Obie Trice (remember him?). First time I called Obie, he was in the studio with Eminem. Ashamed to say I also interviewed the Lost Prophets around the same time (albeit their drummer - thank God not Ian).

    Other than that, I've pretty much just had quick run-ins or 'Hi and Bye's' with John Nolan, Geoff Rickly, Eddie Reyes (at the John/Geoff solo tour), Anthony Raneri (Raneri solo tour in 2012), Bert McCracken (2003ish). Eddie lives in Sandusky, so I'll see him from time to time walking around downtown Cleveland.

    I've never met Tyler or Josh from Twenty One Pilots, but the reason I heard about them back in 2010/2011 was because a girl I worked with was very good friends with Mark Eshelman - who at the time (and may still be) was part of the band's management and filmed all their earlier music videos (Real Bear Media). He used to get us tickets to their local shows. My buddy also visited the Starbucks in Columbus daily where Josh worked at and had many conversations with him. He said after the show they announced they were signing to FBR, he never saw him again.

    To be honest, if I see 'celebrities' or musicians out and about, I try not to bother them.
  7. riotspray

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    I know I'm forgetting a ton, but here are a few that come to mind immediately

    Jason Newsted (Metallica bass player)
    Scott Ian (Anthrax guitarist)
    Vinnie Paul (Pantera drummer)
    Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine guitarist)
    Sen Dog (Cypress Hill vocalist)

    Linkin Park (Chester included)
    Lamb of God
    Fear Factory

    Pauly Shore
    Tom Green
    Doug Benson
    Daniel Tosh
    Doughboys (Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell)