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Bandcamp Expands Vinyl Pressing Service

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 15, 2021.

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    In 2019, we began rolling out the Bandcamp Vinyl Pressing Service to a small group of pilot artists. The service eliminates risk, since your fans’ orders—not you—finance the pressing. It eliminates hassle, since we coordinate production, ship the records to fans, fulfill digital, and handle customer support. It offers complete control, with the design and pricing up to you, and Bandcamp taking no ownership of the record. It maximizes your odds of success since we automatically notify your followers when you launch a campaign and they can easily use their saved credit card and shipping info. And most importantly, it works: Over the course of 50 successful pilot projects, we fine-tuned both the product and our production and fulfillment operations, and shipped 13,000 records to happy fans in 65 countries.

    We’re now ready to offer vinyl pressing to the wider Bandcamp community and have just enabled and sent invites to 10,000 of you.


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  2. BigMouth Jan 15, 2021
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    I wonder if you have to reach a certain number of sales before they press it? Regardless, this is really, really cool. If it's available more widely, I may try to use this later this year to press my band's record. We had resigned ourselves to just CD and digital/streaming, but this could be a real game changer.

    EDIT: minimum is 250 records. This basically functions like vinyl kickstarter.
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  3. gbuffers


    Dear Rufio (MCMLXXXV) and Tsunami Bomb (The Definitive Act) - please get in on this. Thank you.
  4. That's how I read it. Although if there was clearance to repress old records, I'm sure they could go through this service. Small labels might benefit from this as well.
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  5. theredline

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    That would be cool. I just can’t imagine bands taking any of their catalog there and just being able to press it without all the legal rigamarole. But yeah, if everyone takes advantage of this we could get some cool stuff!