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Bambara - Shadow On Everything (April 6, 2018) Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by cwhit, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

    cool mixture of post punk and noise rock. good first single.
  2. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

  3. Larry David

    I'll see you again in 25 years Prestigious

    This sounds awesome!
  4. Cody Prestigious

    Artwork is sick. Will check after work
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  5. brandon_260

    Trusted Prestigious

    Track is dope
  6. Joel

    Trusted Prestigious

  7. brandon_260

    Trusted Prestigious

    New song Doe-Eyed Girl on streaming
  8. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

    lots of new stuff today, cool
  9. username

    hey you lil piss baby

    Bump cause out now
  10. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

    gotta listen, idk when i'll actually get to this tho
  11. username

    hey you lil piss baby

    This is solid. Sonically, it's pretty relentlessly brooding. The female vocals on Backyard are great though, the track feels like a breather among everything else.
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  12. Contender

    Goodness is Nowhere Supporter

    Guess I'll add it to the long ass list
  13. bachna84

    we are nothing more than mannequins Prestigious

    Just getting to this album now.

    @Swae Lee used the word brooding and I don't think that I can think of a better description.
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  14. jdr2187


    New album out today.
  15. PauLo

    43% Burnt

    Random bump.

    I've recently discovered this lot after their newest EP came out in February. Really good stuff, been rinsing their discography all week.