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  1. Chcurry182


    Jon answered some questions on his Instagram story a few weeks ago. Someone asked why the tour wasn’t coming to San Fransisco and he said because no one came last time. I’m guessing they scheduled this tour in cities they knew people would show up for.
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  2. musicfan10


    man this band always should have been bigger and more popular than they were. it makes no sense
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  3. johnnyferris

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    I'll be at the original Pomona show.
  4. musicfan10


    Can you post those?
  5. btr

    Play Sasha

  6. flask


    Can’t wait to hear that project with the singer from Vein. Jon played a song at the end of his solo set a couple months ago that was auto tune and just a looped guitar riff and I thought it was fantastic. Don’t think the majority of the crowd liked it tho.
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  7. withchappedlips


    I like the article- it doesn’t really talk about anything out of the ordinary from what I’ve seen him say in the last couple years’ of interviews.

    I disagree that they should have stayed with No Sleep. That label was drowning at that point. I’m still surprised the label found a way to get out of the mess they were in.

    Vagrant was obviously just not the best choice to bounce to. I get why they opted to do that, though- what’s the point of making a lateral label jump for them? It’s a bummer that it didn’t work out. Maybe if it did, and they continued an upward ascension, they’d figure out a way to power through without letting it go.
  8. musicfan10


    Very depressing article
  9. withchappedlips


    The openers for the new Philly show are Superheaven + Queen of Jeans.

    For the OG Philly show, Cursive announced their tour, and Appleseed Cast opens the shows- does that mean a 4 band bill, or are they just not gonna do this show?
  10. mattav152


    I'm hoping the Boston date gets Superheaven. I never got to see them before they broke up so that would be cool.
  11. josh-


    Damnnnn I wanted superheaven so bad on the last show. Still hoping for a surprise title fight set
  12. Colin Your Enthusiasm

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    It's all 4 bands on the bill
  13. JaytotheGee

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    The new Philly show also got bumped up to Fillmore. I'd love to see them with Superheaven
  14. Colin Your Enthusiasm

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    Yeah both shows are at the fillmore now
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