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Bad Timing Records Spring Cleaning Sale

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 13, 2016.

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    My friends Thomas and Zack have been running Bad Timing Records for a few years now, and they’ve put out a bunch of great releases that are sure to have at least one artist you love on them. They’re having a “spring cleaning” sale to get ready to release some new music this fall and have written up a blog post talking about why it’s important for them to raise some money to prepare for these releases. First, they have great stuff so you should check out the deals and grab something. Second, I think it’s really refreshing just how transparent and honest these guys are about what they’re doing. We should reward that.

    We want to keep doing this — every dollar we’ve ever made as a label has been put back into another release, and Zack and I have never paid ourselves a buck for doing this — but at the moment, we’re asking you for a little bit of help. We’re not out here begging or anything; the label isn’t about to close its doors if we don’t sell X-hundred albums during this sale. We’re not going to do a Kickstarter or a Go-Fund-Me or anything like that, either. We didn’t do that to start our label, and we won’t do it now. All we’re saying is — if there’s a Bad Timing release you’ve considered picking up in the past but for some reason have held off on it, chances are that you’ll find it with a pretty significant discount on this page. Consider adding it to that IKEA shelf you keep your records on.

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  2. i got:
    Park - Jack the Rabbit vinyl
    Lydia - This December... vinyl
    Pentimento - I, No Longer CD
  3. quietwords

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    Wish I didn't miss the Valencia record!
  4. AshlandATeam


    That 'really really impressive sophomore' record HAS to finally be the All Get Out follow up to 'the Season.' And given that 'the Season' is one of my eight or ten favorite records of all time, I couldn't be more excited for that!
  5. scyllarecords


    I Can't recommenced the Pentimento and Park records enough. Great label too.
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  6. btr

    Trusted Supporter

    Ready for that Head North full length.
  7. kpatrickwood

    Give what you can.

    Yep, anyone who doesn't have that Park EP is missing out big time. Especially that first song on it-- what a fuckin' scorcher. The little preview of the novel is super cool too. And five bucks? Fuck outta here- no brainer.

    Gonna snag Put Your Ghost To Rest since I've wanted that on vinyl for years now.

    You're doin' the lord's work fellas. Keep it up.
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  8. Tim McCall


    If "Matter of Time" is still around on Sunday or Monday, I'll grab a copy.
  9. LiveFast_DieOld


    Picked up the vinyl starter pack and Lydia. Happy to help.
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  10. Blake Solomon

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    i took a chance on the Bonfires EP. now gimme (what i assume to be) that all get out full length asap.
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  11. Tim McCall


    Hey you have an awesome avatar.
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  12. LiveFast_DieOld


    Thanks my man! Hoping to get it as a tattoo soon.
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  13. Transient_Hymn

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    Swooped All Get Out and Head North.
    Realllly want a HN full length this year.
  14. Transient_Hymn

    Somebody Turn the Neon Down Supporter

    Anyone know when the new Head North might be coming out?