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    Bad Rabbit’s Mimi brings you seven jams that are perfect for the summer. I’ve been a fan of the band for a while now and they continue to be consistently good. Even if you’ve never heard of the band before, Mimi isn’t a bad place to start. It instantly let’s you know that this band is looking to have a fun time with their music.

    Not only do Bad Rabbits have fun, but they blend genres together in a way that flows well. In a way, this is a bit of an experimental album for them, too. All seven songs revolve around a character, Mimi. You see the progression of them meeting, struggling, and more throughout the record. In “F on the Job,” things don’t go so well for our storyteller as he finds himself (rightfully) in jail.

    “Dollars & Change” is the one song on the record that is a bit different from the rest. It has a huge “in-your-face” factor to it. You feel like you’re being yelled at for a few minutes, but it fits in with the narrative. “I don’t like you” is the main point that comes across. Musically, it’s not the best song and has more of that crunk feel to it, which I’m not the biggest fan of.

    However, Bad Rabbits close out the album on a strong note with “After Party.” It gets back to the party vibe that’s present in so many of their songs. And this song is quite literally about an after party, which makes it a nice summer jam.

    Even when they’re experimenting, Bad Rabbits are a pleasure to listen to. This album never felt out of place from their previous work and I love that they’re doing something new with how they tell a story through their songs. It’s clever and intriguing. If you haven’t yet, give Mimi a listen. There’s not really any filler in here with only seven songs, so it’s well worth your time.

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    Conditioner is better.

    Top notch stuff
  3. DeRRek

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    Love bad rabbits. American love was incredible and so catchy! As is this!
  4. Essie


    Gotta check this out! I’ve seen them a couple times opening for other bands & they were absurdly entertaining
  5. GBlades


    I'll admit that I missed the sound on American Nightmare but this makes up for it.
  6. Corey Putney

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    I really don’t like the way this review is written but I’m elated to know that Bad Rabbits put out new music.
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    I really enjoyed some BR all day...but the last few years have been super disappointing IMO. I miss the fusion sound they used to have - sounded like they really had fun jamming together - as opposed to the very studioized tracks lately. They were absolutely infectious live, I hope that is still the case, although I understand they lost a few members.

    Also whatever happened to that song with Chino?
  8. GBlades


    Not a lot of information but looks like it was scrapped - Bad Rabbits Drummer Explains Fate Of Scrapped Chino Moreno Collaboration |

    I used to agree with the above statement until I listened to Mimi. American Love was such a funky record and I was fascinated by it. American Nightmare came out and although it was good, that's all it was. It wasn't the BR I knew but I'm sure I read an interview about studio interference and lack of free creativity that they now have on Mimi. I think that it's back to the "old" sound and it's such a jamming record.
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