Bad Omens Drop off Senses Fail Tour

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 8, 2018.

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    lol no way
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    Petty AF
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    First off..who?
    Second off..LOL!
  9. tyramail

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    I’m hoping Senses Fail can get Sharptooth to replace them.
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  10. fourstarters

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    Give Belmont a longer set.
  11. koryoreo


    They are already on the As It Is tour.
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    Thank you for this update. Really needed a good laugh today. The amount of new fans these guys could have had on this tour is insane.
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    As someone going to this, just keep it two bands and have Senses Fail play longer.

    TAA are headlining right? That is how it's billed on my venues site.
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    It’s a coheadline
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    So the artwork was, itself, a bad omen.
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    What a squandered opportunity. Senses Fail and TAA have been around awhile and they could've gotten so much exposure, instead they get cocky and act like they have a decade of music out or something. As of fan of both of the co-headliners I can assure you I won't be listening to them now, whereas before I would've check them out before heading to this tour.
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    I forgot Cove has a new band. Anyone listened to it? Worth checking out?
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    Oh you’re right, i totally forgot about that.
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    No one should bring them out on tour anymore. That's just bullshit.
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  21. Mason


    Cove sounds great on it. Music is pretty good. Lyrics are really the thing that holds this back. Seems like someone in HS wrote it. But I think if they worked on the lyrics and pushed themselves a little more on song writing, they could be amazing. Worth a check out.
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    that's a dumb reason to drop. doesn't even look that bad on the poster
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    The fuck.
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    Sounds like their senses failed
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    What a bunch of dickheads! That’s absurd.