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    Not to argue w/ anyone but I don't see how or why this wouldn't age well a year later save for, yeah, him
  2. Kuri44


    Watched this movie for the first time on Showtime, a bit underwhelmed
    After the praise it got. but it was entertaining enough and nice to have on while ironing and folding laundry.
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    So unless I misread my source this is coming to Hulu 8/11
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    That sounds great
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    I’m ok with baby driver 2 still happening but so glad it’s not next.
  8. aoftbsten

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    Very excited for this one.
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    nice, i was gonna post this myself; love MwM so much.
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    One of my favorite channels. I love this movie, but I'd never even truly thought of the viewing perspective of someone with a disability. I didn't think I could possibly appreciate it more, but here we are.
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    Was just thinking what Edgar was up to too, haha.
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    His next project was supposed to be Fortunately the Milk but no new updates. The other news I remember is that he is working on a horror film.

    I'm excited for Baby Driver 2. Someone in this thread suggested Simon and Nick as the villains and I really hope that happens haha.
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    Great cast. Very excited. Someone make a thread
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