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Aziz Ansari Responds to Accusations • Page 4

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. Nathan

    Always do the right thing. Supporter

    I did.
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  2. zachmacD


    Idk why you thought it was necessary to include his sex and skin color when responding to me. The article isn't even about a white guy. While I disagree with your post, I respect it.
  3. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

    because white men have the most privilege and are the ones less likely to be looking at the thoughts of others
  4. zachmacD


    I understand that. But it's known already what his view is. It doesn't help and I didn't need that. Also, the point show's me that that posters assumption of most white men is that they're bigots. Not a great attitude to have.
  5. Malatesta

    i may get better but we won't ever get well Prestigious

    he didn't deny her account, just shifted responsibility in a gross and creepy way. that says basically all i need to hear, really. this is, of course, a different specific threat to women compared to, say, Weinstein's actions, but it is emblematic of rape culture and needs to be addressed. fucking get enthusiastic, verbal consent. especially for folks you just met!
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  6. My man you're going down an avenue you don't want to! Just delete your account now. Save yourself the frustration.
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  7. You know what they say

    Snitches get acquitted.
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  8. zachmacD


    Trust me dude, I know. I just wish we could discuss things on this site like we would in person but that's never going to happen
  9. I'm not on your side, delete your account asshole.
  10. zachmacD


    I didn't say you were and you just proved my point. Also, I'm an asshhole because I think we should show people compassion even if we don't think they deserve it? Makes sense
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  11. lightning


    ....there's no need for anymore aggression here and name calling, this isn't a competition lol.

    this thread has become so weird lol
  12. dylan

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    you're a both-sides'er aren't you
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  13. scottlechowicz

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    Wait a minute...
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  14. We got a scooby doo situation goin on
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  15. zachmacD


    The fact that both of us think the way some posters on this site respond to different opinions is toxic is irrelevant . I complete disagree with his opinion
  16. zachmacD


    Because I think we should be nicer to each other?
  17. Tim

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    Glad I'm not a liberal.

    Not all disagreement needs to be respectful. Example: This thread, where some dude accused a woman who reported her story of assault anonymously of seeking attention.
  18. dylan

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    in what way should the perpetuation of rape culture be treated with kindness?
  19. SuNDaYSTaR


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  20. We don't live in a world devoid of context. When someone (like Terry) consistently displays views that subjugate other groups and represent overt bigotry, they are not owed the kindness and respect that they do not feel the need to give to others.

    Wandering in here and tone-policing or preaching kindness to all as though this is our first rodeo with this person is as unhelpful as the name-calling.
  21. Chastising people for not being nicer to bigots and apologists for horrible things ... is a weird hill to want to die on.
  22. Terry has been banned. The Brand New posts were enough. Wish those were reported.
  23. christsizedshoes


    Unfortunately, collective outrage feels good. Piling on feels good. And I think it greatly impedes productive conversation. There are plenty of trolls out there, but also lots of other skeptical people open (at some level) to reason and discourse who get pushed opposite the direction we want them to go by this behavior.

    If we're brutally honest about it, most online forums (here included) feature their own social hierarchies, and most of the regular participants are motivated in part by how their posts will impact their social status. Piling on is easy social currency. "Fuck him," "gross," "piece of shit" - zero risk, high reward. Lotsa likes.

    Also, the take-no-prisoners mob attitude toward these issues in the current social climate strikes me as ironic, on some level. I consider myself liberal and left-wing. I'm pretty young, albeit slightly older than average here. Growing up, I thought "my side" was defined in part by openness, fairness, and giving the accused (or even just those with potentially problematic views) some benefit of the doubt because of our high minded ideals. Reversing that approach entirely for some people because of their demographics/privilege doesn't bode well as a long term strategy, at least the way I see it.
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  24. The "I want 'constructive conversation' with raging sexist assholes" crowd can go have those arguments and discussions on Facebook. I don't want raging sexist assholes, clearly trolling, here in the first place.
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  25. chris

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    this conversation got kind of ignored, but this piece is pretty good regarding the responsibility these sites have reporting stuff like this:

    Babe, What AreYou Doing?