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    Knew it was him instantly. Haven’t listened to his podcast in a couple years so I don’t know if he was teasing it or not. I need to get back into FF
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    Read this yesterday and thought it was cool as hell. Would love to hear more about what goes on behind the scenes.
  3. I still get goosebumps from every scene that gave me them when I saw this opening night. Fucking love this movie, man.
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    So glad that I still love this movie.

    Watching it this morning for the second time this week, still just as wonderful an experience. As someone who was tired of Infinity War long before it hit home media, I'm glad this half of this crossover works so well for me. Love the character focus; it's like the two best sequences in Ultron were expanded into, like, half the film. Love how it threads being both charming & somber, both restrained & shamelessly indulgent. It's absolutely not the best Marvel Studios film, but it probably is the one where being a Marvel Studios film is the biggest asset. There are problems here & there throughout the film, but nothing that's impacted any of my viewings.

    Also watched the Black Widow thing. There's no denying that Marvel Studios regularly didn't know what to do w/ her, sidelining her way too often & having that one big misstep in Ultron. But, seeing pieces of all her appearances together, particularly in the Russos' films, I'm struck by the strong character arc she had in the background. Which, of course, is something I talked about when the film first came out in regards to Winter Soldier & Endgame, but I'm seeing even more how her (way too small) role in Civil War plays into it, too. I don't think it'll happen, but I'd love to see some Avengers appear in her solo film next year, not in any action sequences, but just to further flesh out her arc of finding a family in this team. (The best version of this would even have Cap show up, but because they waited WAY too long for this & already gave Chris Evans his farewell in Endgame, that unfortunately can't happen.)
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    Just finished watching this again. First time all the way through in about 6 months. All the same feeling as the first time. Same tears, same cheers, all so fucking good.

    It’s amazing how a film that’s probably around the 6 or 7 mark in my MCU favourite order can be so perfect. There are better films in the MCU. Far far better films. But I don’t think I’ll get a feeling watching a film like I did with this the first time round. The nerves, the excitement, the emotions. Just so so good. Even the credits ffs!
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    Even though I love Star Wars way more than the MCU, the ending of this is still a top movie moment for me where as the ending of TROS just falls flat. Both are stuffed with fan service but it just works so much better here.
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    Imagine if Joe and Anthony Russo had made TROS...
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    I’m sure it would have been a competent movie.
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