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    That’s the ass I was describing
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  2. DarkHotline

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    Solo was fine, it was exactly what I thought it would be and I at the very least was entertained.
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  3. Zach


    Yeah I wasn’t saying I think RoS will do it, that’s just the only one I can think of as a remote possibility. Also Solo was fine, just took a little while to get into everything.

    Dark horse candidate might be Frozen 2 whenever that comes out. That’s another one that is even more remote than RoS I think though
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    Any word on if the extended edition is going to be available digitally?
  5. Omg Rudd doing the drinking bit from They Came Together :crylaugh:

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  7. aoftbsten

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    They should have kept that in if only for it answering the question of what happened to Gamora.
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  8. Greg

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    Yea, I was like, “welp, that answers that”
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  9. Cmoney86


    The funeral scene is so much better cuz it had everyone in it this added with that would have been way too much for some people. I get why they cut it. It’s still a heavy as fuck scene
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  10. Kinda cheesy and redundant with the funeral scene coming after. Emotional moment for sure, though.
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  11. Taketimeandfind


    I get that in terms of a movie but it’s not like they wouldn’t go to his funeral because they knelt. But we don’t need to see it twice I guess
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  12. TEGCRocco


    The only parts of that I think could have been kept are Clint and Strange's reactions and Gamora leaving (if only to answer everybody's questions about what happened to her). Everybody kneeling like that just kind of feels too cheesy IMO
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    I really hope this leaks soon! I know it comes out digital Tuesday but I gotta have it now
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    Why does it feel cheesy? Tony literally saves the entire universe from half of the population being wiped out. Seems like the most understandable time to kneel in solidarity :P. I'm at least not sure why it's only exclusive to Clint and Strange, and not the rest of the Avengers?
  15. TEGCRocco


    I just think the funeral scene accomplishes the same concept much more naturally IMO. Only reason I think Clint and Strange work are because Clint almost looks more like he's collapsing out of exhaustion/pain/grief moreso than kneeling in solidarity (Cap too, but we already got an incredibly emotive reaction shot of him in the movie) and seeing one more look at Strange after Tony's sacrifice would have been a nice payoff to their dynamic in IW (especially with how obvious it is in retrospect that Strange knew Tony was going to die to save everyone).
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  16. Watched this again last night and still really loved it.

    The first third is 10/10 for me. So many great little characters moments. The middle gets a little wonky but is still a ton of fun and the last battle is just pure comic book awesomeness. Still had a huge smile on my face through that whole sequence.

    Maybe it’s not the best Marvel movie, but it’s evident that so much care went into the movie. So many great little touches and Easter eggs from the filmmakers.
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  18. His self-perceived purpose was fulfilled, so I guess he was cool with dying. Still, he was weak with no stones or weapon, so I think they would've kicked his ass either way.
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    I would have asked them about the Community paintball episode
  24. Allpwrtoslaves


    Should've just been a Community panel imo.
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  25. David87

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    So if you're a fantasy football (or baseball) player, you probably caught the Matthew Berry cameo in this. He did his love/hate column for fantasy football last week and the intro is about his time on the set. Says some nice stuff about RDJ

    Love/Hate for 2019 season: Thoughts from a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent

    I remember in the theater when this scene happened saying "wait what I think that's Matthew Berry" lol