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    The cheeseburgers scene still hurts. The pain in Happy’s face is sharp.
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    Someone who knows the comics better than me....is “I can do this all day” like a traditional cap catchphrase? I’m wondering if they gave him that because they knew “Avengers Assemble” wasn’t gonna be happening for a long time.
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    It wasn't from the comics. He says it to the bully he's fighting (pre-transformation) in The First Avenger and says it again to Tony when they're fighting at the end of Civil War.

    That's why the time traveling Steve replies "Yeah, I know" when 2012 Avengers Cap says it to him when they're fighting.
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    I just want all of you to know that someone took time out of their day to make this

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  10. Honestly a little surprised that this didn't outperform TFA domestically. Its really not even close.

    upload_2019-5-24_11-24-51.png upload_2019-5-24_11-25-27.png
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    It’s gonna cross 800 million this weekend and prolly has atleast 2 months left maybe 3 it will end up being close
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    Opening around Christmas time provides a huge multiplier + Star Wars hype in general. Endgame should end up around 100 million less than TFA domestic, give or take
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    $800 million domestic for a film released in the “summer” will probably never happen again. If this had released during Christmas while everyone was out of school/work, I could see it breaking $1 billion domestically.
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    TFA's domestic legs were unbelievable. A perfect storm of nostalgia and that holiday release window
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    Cast photo of Tony's funeral

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    I can't believe they were actually all there, almost none of them had lines seems easy enough to just composite them in
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    I'm not sure I believe that, but that line may have gotten a bigger reaction than "I am Iron Man".
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  22. Oskarr

    never fold under pressure

    They chose the correct line.
  23. DerekIsAGooner

    So assuming that this weekend...

    Only because "I'm a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist" was too long.
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    “I. Am. Out.”
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