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    Snap for sure
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  2. clucky

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    Yeah. Snap was a nice solid gut punch that was perfect to end the movie with. Its what actually gave "heroes getting their revenge but Thanos already destroyed the stones and it was useless" substance and meaning
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  3. Oskarr

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    Leaving Infinity War was heavy, dude. Even knowing that they'll make it right.

    Anyway, second Endgame viewing yesterday left me contemplative and full. It's such a satisfying movie.
  4. Oskarr

    get off the high horse and fly the spy plane

    Also, this movie made me realize that I love Scott Lang. He is me.

    Rhodey, careful on re-entry. There's an idiot in the landing zone.
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  5. Nathan

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    I get that, the point of the piece kind of being there was no arc at all. He was having trouble turning into the Hulk in IW, then in Endgame he’s introduced as having figured everything out.

    Infinity War and Endgame almost don’t even line up as the same story to me, when placed next to each other. Hulk is one example, Wanda being another. What Thanos does to Vision in IW is one of the few times he’s tied emotionally to a character we care about, her absence from Endgame was a missed opportunity to me. Actually, same goes for Quill, what he and Gamora went through was one of my favorite parts of Infinity War, for him and Wanda to not be a part of the heavy lifting for the final victory stunts their stories (not to mention the Thanos they fight is a Thanos who didn’t actually kill Vision/Gamora, which is a slight incongruity to me). It’s like threads of real character driven stories are introduced, then abandoned/fast forwarded/skipped over.
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    I dunno about that, but he definitely slaps
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    Jesus Christ
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  9. Dinosaurs Dish

    who were we when we were who we were

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  11. Jusscali

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    After they reduced the character to a caricature of himself I'm all set. One of the biggest things the Marvel Universe did to fuck up.
  12. justin.

    我誰什麼? 我現在知道。

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  14. Zach


    Sorry super late to this, cause I’ve been crazy busy, but this is pretty much spot on to how I’m thinking. It’s not a different reality in my mind, as much as it is an alternate timeline in the same reality, like you said. Similar to how the Netflix show Travelers functions
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  18. Oskarr

    get off the high horse and fly the spy plane

    That movie rules, honestly.
  19. justin.

    我誰什麼? 我現在知道。

  20. jkauf

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    One of the best shots in the movie.

    Saw this again yesterday because my dad oddly enough wanted to go, still love it but kind of burnt out on it now, haha — don’t have to see it for awhile.
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  21. smoke4thecaper

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    That’s how I feel. I was so amped and saw it two days in a row. Top it off with the endless YT vids and articles.... I can take a break for a bit. Should be back for it when Spider Man releases.
  22. Now I need the wide shot of Cap facing down Thanos' army alone.
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    Just saw this again today. Still loved it. Still got the chills and choked up at the end. It was inevitable.
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  24. drewinseries

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    5th time will be this weekend with fiance and her dad. Probably it for theater runs for me.
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    God I wish I had 3 free hours to go see this again right now lol