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Avatar: The Last Airbender TV Show • Page 6

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by AndrewSoup, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. justin.

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  2. morgantayler

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  5. mattfreaksmeout

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    I just rewatched Avatar a few weeks ago and now I finally got around to watching Korra and it was so great. I can’t believe I waited that long to see it. I’m feeling emotional after that finale
  6. Time to start the rewatch!
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  7. AndrewSoup

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    took me too long to find it, fuckin Netflix and their recommendation algorithms. wasn't anywhere in the New Releases and i had to search for a while. same thing with Into The Spiderverse, they made it so hard to find.

    BUT i'm stoked now that it's on there and i don't have to go switch out 15 different DVD's when i wanna watch through the series. i mean, i love having physical media and will always buy it, but it gets very tiring having to change discs every 4 episodes.
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  8. morgantayler

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    I did not realize the only aspect ratio available for this is 4:3 lol

    But anyway, v excited to watch this again
  9. Mrk_Brdshw

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    On a rewatch of this right, I love the whole series so much.

    Has anyone read the Kyoshi novel? Probably some of my favorite Avatar-related material. I can’t wait for the sequel in a couple of months.
  10. DrAlanGrant

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    Hell yeah watching now
  11. morgantayler

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    I’m gonna have to finally bite the bullet and buy the Korra blu-rays after I finish my rewatch. The digital is twice as much unfortunately.
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  12. xapplexpiex

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    I started this show last night. I love it so far.
  13. Philll

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    Started this yesterday, about 5 episodes in. Enjoying it so far, but gonna keep myself from reading through this thread until I've finished now.
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  14. stayillogical

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    I watched this for the first time last month and absolutely loved it. Most shows I'm one and done, but this has instantly become a favorite and I can't wait to rewatch it over and over.
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  15. AndrewSoup

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    let us know when you reach episode 12
    aka best episode in the series
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  16. Marx&Recreation


    Best eps by season:
    1. The Blue Spirit
    2. Lake Laogai
    3. This one’s hard. either The Avatar and the Firelord, Day of Black Sun, or The Southern Raiders

    Really any ep that goes deep on Zuko’s development is a banger
  17. Philll

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    Just watched it, yeah that was a belter.
  18. jkauf

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