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August Burns Red Working on New Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Mar 1, 2017.

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  2. Eric Wilson

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    Always excited about some new August Burns Red.
  3. defmytones


    These guys are machines, didn't they just finish their Messengers tour?
  4. There's a strange pattern with this band for me where every I love every other album they put out and hate the ones in between. Last one was trash, so I'm hoping this release continues the trend.
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  5. Ska Senanake


    Their Christmas album is my favorite Christmas album ever.
  6. honkytonk

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    These guys are great. They absolutely killed it on the Messengers tour and I'm excited to see what comes next.
  7. mattav152

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    Last album was awesome. Probably my favorite from them since Constellations. I have no doubt they'll kill it once again.
  8. Crisp X

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    Yep exactly, they need to drop the BTBAM-like interludes, they all are similar and ruin the momentum. I hope this one will more straightforward, while continuing to push their sound further
  9. Yeah I mean, I think they really did the interludes well on Constellations and R&R. But with the last record, it was like they entirely disregarded to concept of transition, which is key to songwriting. The interludes became very routine, like you could expect every song to at some point randomly stop and suddenly catapault into some other random genre, creating for an incredibly disjointed and unpleasant album experience. No one wants or needs 10-12 songs in a row of completely different genres haha. They need to pick something and stick with it, if the gimmick is "we can do it all" then they'll never be really great at any of it.

    Sorry for the rant. That record really got to me hahaha.
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  10. Crisp X

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    No worries haha, I had the exact same rant multiple times on at the time. They need to focus on writing memorable songs, not tons of pseudo experimental parts put together to form a mess. I miss the stuff they did on Constellations for example.
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  11. For sure. The short clean part in the middle of Ocean of Apathy is so smooth and works so well. The entire intro to Mariana's Trench is great as well. Always felt they could've done a little more with Meridian considering its length, but for the band's first shot at something like that it wasn't bad. Those are things that fit the vibe/mood of the songs to form a great record. Can't have a cohesive record if it's constantly jerking the listener in every direction! Anyway, glad someone feels the same here haha. Fingers crossed for the new stuff!
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  12. Crisp X

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    Yep I have nothing against experimentation as long as it is done well. I believe this band can bounce back, we'll see I guess. Constellations is probably already a metalcore classic. It's practically flawless for the genre.