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Audio Equipment Thread (Headphones/Microphones/Speakers, etc.) • Page 6

Discussion in 'Technology Forum' started by Melody Bot, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. MrCon

    I was trying to describe myself to someone

    You may want to ask this same thing in the Guitar Thread. :)

    As a quick aside, not sure why you'd specifically want to buy from Gear4Music. I don't know who else you have available in Denmark though. :)
  2. MrCon

    I was trying to describe myself to someone

    Anyone got any experience with buying a mid-range CD player? I've got a fairly nice little setup now, but my CD player is by far and away the weakest component. It's a Cambridge Audio Topaz or something, which is the cheapest one they make.

    I was looking at upgrading to something around the £500 range, but I don't know how much difference that will make with a CD player. It looks like, at that range, I also have the choice of buying a CD player (sometimes a streamer is built in too) or buying a CD transport and DAC.

    Any thoughts?
  3. Borat 2: Vengeance

    Here for a long time, not a good time Prestigious

    Looking for a pair of earbuds/IEMs. Under 80 dollars or so. I see I have a decent amount of choices but I'm mainly concerned with durability. Thoughts?